The Office: Scranton Strangler Suspects From Least To Most Likely

Who is the Scranton Strangler? That's a question asked by every cast member of The Office at one time or another. But are all those questions honest? Or does one of the members of the Scranton Dunder-Mifflin branch know exactly who the Strangler is? The thing is, it's not entirely out of the question that one of the cast members is the infamous killer. That's why, after examining the characters and speculating wildly, we came up with The Office: Scranton Strangler Suspects From Least to Most Likely.

10. Dwight Schrute

Is Dwight Schrute weird? Yes, if by weird you mean "abnormally prepared for every danger known to man." Admittedly, Dwight can be a dangerous guy. Look no further than the "fire drill" or "gunshot" episodes. But is Dwight odd enough to be Scranton's deadliest denizen? Probably not. For all his strangeness, Dwight is a law-abiding citizen. He takes pride in his morality and standing in the law enforcement community. Besides, out of everyone on The Office, he advocates the most for Defense Against the Strangler. And if there's one thing Dwight Schrute isn't, it's counterintuitive.

9. Kevin Malone

Kevin Malone from The Office

Kevin Malone can be a little creepy, and he's got his share of tough breaks. Especially when it comes to relationships. But would Kevin's bad luck or inappropriateness ever manifest in the form of full-blown murder? It's pretty unlikely. Still, we know that Kevin would have a great alibi for Scranton Stranglings. His membership in a band means it's perfectly natural for him to be out late, or traveling around the area a lot, or hanging out in shady spots. So it's not impossible that Kevin might be the Killer. That said, Kevin would probably be pretty bad at clearing evidence from a crime scene. I mean, did you see him drop that chili?

8. Phyllis Vance

Phyllis Smith The Office


At first glance, Phyllis could seem like sweetest person on The Office. But give her a couple episodes and you'll see that Phyllis can be rude, quick to anger, and even downright vindictive. Could her curmudgeonly manner mean she's actually the Scranton Strangler? Well, it's doubtful. After all, she is married, so her husband Bob might notice her sneaking around Scranton at odd hours of the night. Or would he? Bob Vance works a lot, and as someone who installs refrigerators, frequently has access to people's homes. Could his wife make use of his client record to commit her heinous crimes? It's not impossible.

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7. Angela Martin

Angela Kinsey as Angela in The Office

If Angela was the Scranton Strangler, she'd be a lot like Riverdale's Black Hood. In the hit CW show, the Black Hood kills to punish others he believes are sinners. In the same way, Angela's worldview is very cut-and-dry when it comes to good people and bad. The question is, just how far would she take that worldview? Could it cause her to eliminate those she feels are "sinful?" Well, that's admittedly a stretch to believe. Murder's kind of an ugly, dirty thing to do. Silently judging from afar is way more Angela's style.

Which is not to say she hasn't wished murder on some people.

6. Ryan Howard

Ryan might not be the Scranton Strangler, but he's absolutely a sociopath. He is manipulative and self-serving, and his destructive actions when he's in power hint at a sadistic attitude toward others. The biggest thing that saves Ryan from suspicion, however, is the fact that he's not in Pennsylvania while all the Scranton Strangler murders are taking place. He's in New York for some of them. he? While Ryan was working in New York, he'd frequently return to Scranton to check on the Dunder-Mifflin branch there. Do the stranglings match up with Ryan's return trips to PA? We may never know.

5. Kelly Kapoor

Speaking of self-serving and destructive, why isn't there more suspicion on Kelly for the Scranton Strangler's crimes? Kelly is one of the most vindictive people on The Office, approaching every imagined slight with a mind for vengeance and fury. Could her frequent rage at other members of The Office indicate a deep-seated psychological issue? Could that issue manifest as murder? Heck, could she and Ryan be working together as the Scranton Strangler? It's a possibility. And honestly, it would probably be the healthiest thing they do together as a couple.

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4. Andy Bernard

The Office Andy Bernard Ed Helms Season 9

Most everyone on The Office is, in some way, full of rage. But only one character punched a hole through the office wall. Andy Bernard enters the show with a pretty serious anger issue. We watch him boil up several times until he finally gets therapy for it, seemingly beating the problem and calming down. But what if that's just a disguise? Even when Andy is "cured," we still him nearly explode in rage at several situations. What if keeping those emotions in simply isn't possible for Andy? Could his outlet for rage be other acts of violence, maybe even...murder?

3. Meredith Palmer

Let's conduct a little thought experiment. How much do you know about Meredith Palmer? What does she do on her off hours? Why is she always injured? All these unknowns combined with an obviously destructive nature could spell out a path to the Scranton Strangler. Probably the most telling sign of this is her possible guilt is her curiously inconsistent behavior. If Meredith really is out partying every night, as she claims, where are her party friends? If she parties alone, why does she always talk about ending up in someone's bed. Could that be an alibi for her real nightly activities? At the very least, Meredith is a person prone to madness. How far that madness goes is up for debate.

2. Creed Bratton

Probably the most obvious person on this list, Creed Bratton shows a lot of signs of being the Scranton Strangler. He walks into the office one day covered in blood (luckily it was Halloween). When Michael's playing a murder mystery game with the office, he takes it as a real investigation and bolts. Creed even goes so far as to indicate that he's murdered and assumed the identity of the real Creed Bratton. Even if Creed isn't the killer called the Scranton Strangler, he's definitely a murderer. And since he frequently makes reference to his crimes while he knows he's being filmed, it's safe to say he's pretty comfortable with that.

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1. Toby Flenderson

There is a maelstrom of emotion inside Toby Flenderson. For someone with such a dull outwardly manner, Toby has a lot of negative feelings piling up inside him. And one of those feelings might just happen to be guilt.

We know that Toby and the Scranton Strangler are at least linked by circumstance. Toby serves on the jury that convicts a man of being the violent killer. But after that grand jury stint, Toby becomes obsessed with this convicted person, publicly questioning whether or not he's really the Strangler. Could this be because Toby is wrestling with his own knowledge of the killer's real identity? There's a lot to unpack there, but unfortunately, we probably never got visual confirmation that Toby was anywhere near a Scranton Strangler event.

Or do we?

In one episode of The Office, the whole gang catches sight of a car chase between the suspected Scranton Strangler and the police. We don't know whether or not the car chase ends in the suspect being apprehended. But what we do know? In the gathering of the office to watch the chase...Toby is nowhere to be found.

Who do you think is behind the Scranton Strangler murders? Is it another Office member not listed here? (*cough* PAM *cough*). Let us know who you think it is and why in the comments section below!

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