The Office: What Happened To Roy After His Breakup With Pam

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For The Office's first handful of seasons, Roy Anderson stood in the middle of the obvious romantic chemistry between Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert (Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski, respectively), and his relationship with Pam didn't last forever - so what happened to him? Actor David Denman portrayed Roy in six seasons of the sitcom but most of his arc came by the end of season 3.

Roy was introduced as Pam's fiancé and one of Dunder Mifflin's warehouse workers in The Office season 1. He was overprotective of Pam but disinterested in her opinions and interests, proving that he wasn't a good match for her. After being engaged for a few years, Pam ended up breaking off her engagement to Roy between seasons 2 and 3. Some of that was due to her kiss with Jim, but ultimately, Pam realized that she didn't have a future with Roy. Following the breakup, Roy hit rock bottom but eventually won back Pam for a brief time. He learned of her kiss with Jim and went berserk, to the point of trying to confront Jim at the workplace before Dwight intervened by pepper-spraying Roy. Pam ended the relationship with Roy for good and he was fired from Dunder Mifflin in season 3.

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Denman reprised his role as Roy in The Office season 5 when the character learned that Pam and Jim were engaged. At the time, he was working at The Vitamin Store, The Office's version of The Vitamin Shoppe. He later appeared in season 7 during the viewing of Michael's Threat Level Midnight, since he was featured as a hostage in the movie. Roy's last appearance came in The Office season 9 during his wedding episode. He invited old coworkers, including Pam and Jim, to prove there were no hard feelings. At the wedding, Pam learned that Roy was a completely different man. He was wealthy due to starting up a gravel company and he was marrying a restaurant owner, Laura. Roy also learned to play the piano in order to perform a song for his bride at the wedding, completely shocking Pam. Not much was known about Roy's fate after the episode but his return was used for tension according to the actor in an interview with THR.

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According to Denman, Krasinki fought for Roy's return to add more conflict to Pam and Jim's ongoing "rocky patch" toward the end of the series. Roy transformed himself for his new wife, something that he was never willing to do for Pam. He even thanked Jim for causing the breakup because it forced him onto a new path, which led him to Laura. Roy seemingly got his happy ending after overcoming his past struggles whereas Pam and Jim had to rediscover the trust in their marriage.

Roy may have been used as a plot device to stir up trouble between other characters, but his reprisal was amusing for The Office's final season. As the series tried to tie up loose ends, it was nice for viewers to see a few old faces. Denman worked on dozens of TV and movie gigs following his core arc as Roy. Following The Office's conclusion in 2013, Denman reunited with Krasinski for the 2016 film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. More recently, Denman appeared in the 2019 superhero horror movie Brightburn.

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