The Office Reunion Photo Brings the Dunder Mifflin Staff Back Together

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A new reunion photo from the cast of the popular sitcom The Office brings the staff of Dunder Mifflin back together again. The American version of The Office made its debut on NBC in 2005 and ran for a total of nine seasons. The show was based on the British comedy of the same name created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

Despite the US version of The Office running for several more years than the original show, many people claimed that the show had a big dip in quality in later seasons, especially after Steve Carell left the show near the end of season 7. That said, fans have been urging NBC to give The Office a revival, especially given the recent trend of rebooting and reviving popular TV shows. In December 2017, it was revealed that NBC was developing a revival for The Office for a late 2018 premiere, but that obviously didn't end up happening. While many cast members like John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer have been open to returning for an Office revival, Carell has been hesitant about the idea. The cast of The Office even recently begged Carell to reboot the show during his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, and now a reunion photo of the cast has surfaced online.

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Posting on her personal Instagram account, Angela Kinsey (she played Angela Martin on The Office) shared a photo of herself with several members of The Office cast, as well as the show's creator Greg Daniels. While cast members Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nuñez, Rainn Wilson, Fischer, and Ed Helms are joined with Kinsey in this image, several other actors are missing. Notable cast members missing from the image include the show's stars Carell and Krasinski, as well as Kate Flannery, B.J. Novak, and Mindy Kaling. Kinsey's full post can be seen below.

While fans have been yearning for news about a potential revival of The Office, this isn't the first time NBC has almost created another Office-related show. Back when the show was in the middle of the eighth season, NBC announced The Farm, a spin-off series revolving around Dwight Schrute and his life on his farm. NBC ended up passing on the show, but that hasn't stopped fans from binge-watching The Office on repeat - or even creating parody trailers for the show, including one that combines Dwight's character with the film A Quiet Place, which was written and directed by Krasinski, who also stars. 

It isn't a big secret that both the cast members and fans of the show are eager for a revival of The Office to happen. While it could just be a type of "family reunion," as Kinsey explains in her post, it is suspicious that the show's creator hosted the event and that the reunion took place so close to The Office cast members appearing on SNL. While a revival or reboot certainly hasn't been confirmed just yet, it is seemingly becoming more likely that The Office might actually return.

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Source: Angela Kinsey

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