The Office: The 10 Worst Things Dwight Has Ever Done

The Office (US) is filled with a cast of likable characters, but if there was one clear villain in the show, it would certainly be Dwight Schrute. You could say that Dwight's intense professionalism is what makes him such an antagonist. He was fond of very few people at Dunder-Mifflin, and there were quite a few of his co-workers he outright hated.

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Sure, Dwight was capable of the occasional kindness, but he was much more likely to do something deplorable. Whether it be by accident, ignorance or evilness, here are some of the worse things Dwight has done on The Office.

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10 Assaulted Jim With Snowballs

Attacking someone with snowballs sounds like a harmless bit of fun at Christmastime. But anyone who knows Dwight Schrute will know that he would take something like a snowball fight way too seriously.

To be fair, Jim started the whole thing by hitting Dwight with a snowball. However, Dwight took his revenge to a psychotic level, turning the snowball fight into not just a physical assault, but psychological torment as well. By the end, Jim was questioning his own sanity and Dwight, for once, was victorious over his frequent foe.

9 Tried To Sabotage Jim

From the outset of the show, Dwight has had two main goals; take over the manager position and get Jim fired. So when Jim is promoted to co-manager alongside Michael, it is almost too much for Dwight to take. This pushes him to sabotage Jim's new position at every opportunity.

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First, Dwight decides to bug Jim's office with a listening device before hatching a far more devilish plan to make Jim appear to be giving Pam special treatment. Despite the fact that Dwight's plans often blow up in his face, this is actually a well-planned plot of deception that suggests Dwight can be quite evil when he wants.

8 Maced Andy

Andy the Office

The love triangle between Pam, Jim and Roy came to a head when a jealous Roy attempted to attack Jim in the office. It was Dwight of all people who stepped in to save Jim, Macing Roy in the face.

It's rare that Dwight is presented as a hero, but his quick actions were praised by everyone. Sadly, it was short lived as Dwight would overzealously spray Andy when he returned from anger management. Just like that, Dwight's reputation as office protector vanished.

7 Blew Off Pam's Friend

Isabel from The Office

Few people would think of Dwight as being particularly smooth with women, but he was proven he can be something of a ladies' man. Unfortunately, he also has proven to be a pretty big jerk with women as well.

During Jim and Pam's wedding celebrations, Dwight somehow manages to seduce Pam's friend, Isabel. While Isabel is inexplicably smitten with Dwight, when they see each other the next day, he gave her the cold shoulder. While we knew Dwight could be insensitive, it was a real bummer to see him act like such a jerk.

6 Killed Angela's Cat

Angela Kinsey in The Office with Sprinkles

Dwight's unusual upbringing on his family's farm has meant that his ideas of social boundaries are a bit out of wack. This is likely what led to him euthanizing Angela's sick cat.

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Even though it was meant to be an act of mercy, it is a pretty disturbing thing to do to the woman he's dating. First of all, he apparently botched the job, leaving the cat to die in the freezer. That's not even to mention the fact that he didn't even ask Angela about it. That's not a great way to strengthen their relationship.

5 Went Behind Michael's Back

Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson as Michael Scott and Dwight in The Office

Dwight has always been a loyal right-hand man to Michael. At the same time, he secretly thinks he could do a better job running the office. This dilemma eventually leads to him trying to usurp Michael's position as manager by going to Jan behind Michael's back.

Michael, of course, finds out and plays along with the ruse making Dwight think he's taken over. Immediately, Dwight is a changed man, for the worst. The betrayal backfires but at least he got to have those few moments of being on top.

4 Shot A Gun In The Office

Dwight had another brief brush as head of the office when Michael finally left. Dwight has proven to be passionate about the work and is the best salesman in the office, so it was possible he could be the right leader.

Unfortunately, it is Dwight who sabotages himself by bringing a loaded gun into the office to show off and exert his power. Predictably the gun goes off, partially deafening Andy and losing Dwight all of his power in an instant.

3 Had An Affair With Angela

While the killing of Angela's cat certainly damaged the relationship between her and Dwight, their attraction to each other proved to be too strong. So even when Angela started a new relationship with Andy, she continued sleeping with Dwight.

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Not only did Dwight willingly participate in the act of adultery, he seemed to take pleasure in making Andy a cuckold. He continued even as Andy and Angela planned their wedding, leading to the entire office finding out and Dwight proudly admitting what he'd done.

2 Tricked Angela Into Marriage

To make the entire Angela and Dwight affair even more complicated, Angela insisted that she and Andy get married on Dwight's farm. This obviously allowed Dwight and Angela to spend some quality time together with their "wedding planning", but Dwight had some other deception in mind.

While walking Angela and Andy through the step-by-step ceremony proceedings for their wedding, Dwight tricks Angela into actually marrying him instead. Despite her feelings for Dwight, that was a too creepy even for her.

1 Started A Fire

Aside from being a top salesman, Dwight is very happy to take on many other responsibilities in the office. Most of these duties allow him to exercise a level of authority in the office while showcasing his strange survival techniques. Unfortunately, no one seems to pay attention to Dwight's attempts to educate them so he is sometimes forced to take drastic measures.

After getting no enthusiasm for his fire safety demonstration, Dwight decides the office needs some practical experience, so he starts a fire and seals everyone inside. Of course, panic ensues, leading to damage, chaos, and Stanley having a heart attack.

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