The Office: 10 Times Dwight Was Actually Nice

Any fan of The Office will know that Dwight Schrute is a weird guy, but that doesn't mean he's incapable of understanding or compassion.

Dwight K. Schrute. We know him, we hate him, we love him. He's everything that's annoying about Dunder Mifflin, as well as everything that's great. He cares immensely for Dunder Mifflin, which is why he caters to Michael's every request and cries at the mere thought of becoming a regional manager. At the same time, his deep devotion to Dunder Mifflin is also what makes him aggravating in the office. But, should fans really judge him for caring too much about his company, the safety of his co-workers, and general rules and regulations?

Dwight isn't as bad as we all think he is. He may bombard the office and insult everyone on any given day, but he redeems himself when a co-worker is in danger. Below, we're taking a look at 10 times Dwight Schrute wasn't as bad as Jim thought he was.

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10 When He Covered For Angela With Corporate

As the accountant, it was Angela's job to mail the quarterly tax forms to Dunder Mifflin's corporate office in New York. Viewers knew how serious this was because even Kevin was concerned after corporate said they never received them.

As it turns out, Angela forgot to mail them in, and Dwight took the fall by driving to New York to drop them off before showing up to work in Scranton late. Driving over four hours just to make sure your co-worker and lover didn't get in trouble at work? That's the sign of a good man.

9 He Protected Pam in her Time of Need

We all felt for Pam when she realized she lost her chance with Jim. When Jim and Karen were together, Pam helped Jim win Karen over after an argument. While Jim was happy to have his friend back, Pam cried over the fact that she was pushing the love of her life into the arms of another woman. Dwight saw Pam crying in the hallway and gave her a shoulder to cry on (even though he had no idea why she was crying, to begin with).

8 He Took Care of Phyllis' Poor Back

In the episode "Cafe Disco," Michael creates a cafe in the old Michael Scott Paper Company. There were espresso machines, music, and a disco ball for workers to come take a break throughout the workday.

Excited to dance, Phyllis was one of the first people to join Michael. She, unfortunately, pulled her back from dancing, which led to Dwight taking care of her for the whole day. He fed her carrots (like a horse), massaged her back, and even put oil on her back to trap heat. It was nice to see him care so much about Phyllis's health.

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7 He Wanted To Raise Phillip with Angela Regardless of The Paternity Issue

Dwight holding a baby in The Office

Dwight always had an incline that Angela's son Phillip was his. He was born nine months after Angela and Dwight made love, and he had the classic Shrute genes when he was born. Phillip also looked a lot like Dwight and not like the senator. Although Dwight was told time and time again that Phillip wasn't his, he still told Angela he wanted to be with her and raise him like he was his own. It was a touching sentiment from a man like Dwight. Thankfully, Angela confirmed at the end of the series that Dwight was indeed the dad.

6 When He Hosted Jim And Pam At His Farm

When Jim and Pam first started dating, they heard Dwight opened his farm to strangers for a bed-and-breakfast-experience. Pam and Jim signed up to stay at Dwight's farm as a joke but Dwight took it very seriously.

He catered to the new couple, showed them his land, and made sure they were as comfortable as they could be. While Pam and Jim had a weird time, they appreciated Dwight's way of life and gave him a great review online.

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5 When He Gifted Angela A New Cat (After Killing Her First One)

Angela was devastated when she found out Dwight killed her cat, Sprinkles. Sprinkles was already sick, so Dwight took the liberty of putting it out of its misery. The problem is, he lied to Angela and said he found Sprinkles dead. Angela soon finds out that Dwight killed her cat, and she breaks up with him. Upset by the termination of their relationship, we see Dwight pull out all the stops to make Angela his again, including gifting her a new cat named Garbage.

4 He Made Jim His Bestest Mensch

Not many Office fans would have suspected Angela and Dwight to marry; they had such a long and complicated history. The two do decide to make it official, and Dwight decides to make Jim his bestest mensch (his best man).

We all know how much these two despised each other throughout nine seasons, but it's clear the two had a charming relationship filled with pranks and respect. Making Jim his best man was the ultimate 'nice guy' move. But, as we all know, Jim stepped down after convincing Michael to come back to town to take over the responsibilities.

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3 His Dedication to Michael

Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson as Michael Scott and Dwight in The Office

Dwight would do anything for Michael. Who drove to Michael's house (with a concussion) when Michael stepped on a George Foreman Grill? Dwight. Who was about to give Michael clean urine after needing to take a drug test? Dwight. Who was there for Michael when he was signing on his first condo? Dwight. Although Dwight wanted Michael's job more than anything (and almost took it from him), he respected and loved Michael. He was the one guy in the office Dwight was completely devoted to.

2 When He Pepper Sprayed Roy

The moment Roy found out that Pam and Jim kissed after Casino Night, he stormed Dunder Mifflin to attack Jim. However, before Roy could get to Jim, Dwight whipped out his pepper spray and sprayed Roy in his eyes, making him fall to his knees.

Roy was then fired, and Dwight was deemed a hero by Jim and everyone in the office. Funny enough, Dwight wouldn't even take Jim's appreciation. He noted he was just doing what any good community member would do. It was here that Jim started looking at Dwight in a new light (although the pranks didn't stop).

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1 He Was There For Angela During Her Divorce

Angela and Dwight have always been there for one another. Through all their separate relationships and baby-making contracts, fans stood by this crazy couple.

Once Angela found out her marriage to the senator was falling apart, she did some investigating only to find out the senator was having an affair with her co-worker Oscar. She felt betrayed by all... except Dwight. He was there for her in her time of need and even tried to help her get revenge on the senator (before realizing his affair was with Oscar!).

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