Office Christmas Party Trailer #2 & New Posters Arrive

office christmas party trailer

Ever since Todd Phillips unleashed his raucous bachelor party comedy franchise that is The Hangover onto the world back in 2009, general audiences can't quite seem to escape its seemingly all-pervasive influence on the contemporary comedy genre. Starring an all-star cast of top comic actors, the movie has remained the de facto template for several subsequent studio comedies that have followed in its wake - including the two direct sequels that followed Phillips' first film in 2011 and 2013, as well as this year's comedy hit, Bad Moms.

Enter Office Christmas Party from co-directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck (Blades of Glory) to up the ante in terms of booze-fueled shenanigans and all-around bad behavior in their holiday-themed (and adult-oriented) studio comedy. With a cast that includes such well known talents as Jason Bateman (Zootopia), Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses), Kate McKinnon (Ghostbusters), Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) and TJ Miller (Deadpool), this film aims to tickle the funny bone of those who prefer their comedy to be of The Hangover's R-rated, party-happy, variety.

Paramount Pictures has now released a second trailer for Office Christmas Party (see the video, above), further teasing potential viewers with the promise of a titillating bacchanal to put all non-denominational corporate shindigs to shame. The film's plot centers around a concerted bid made by Miller's character to win over a potential client and save the future of his and his coworkers' branch of his sister's (Aniston) company - by throwing the winter holiday party to end all other parties. Paramount has also released three new posters for the comedy, which you can check out below:

Office Christmas Party Poster -T.J. Miller

Office Christmas Party Poster - Jennifer Aniston

Office Christmas Party Poster -Kate McKinnon

Granted, a lot of Office Christmas Party looks like a Saturday Night Live sketch that has been stretched to fill out approximately 90 minutes, but with talents like Bateman, McKinnon, Miller, and Aniston in tow the entire affair could end up providing a passing amusement for R-rated comedy fans. The Hangover franchise may have been the first film to fully capitalize on the kind of raunchy humor displayed throughout Gordon and Speck's latest directorial effort, but with any luck their production will manage to deliver more than a few well earned laughs.

Like the first official trailer, the latest footage released from Office Christmas Party promises a good time at the movies for mature moviegoers looking for a chuckle or two moving into the holiday season. Only time will tell whether or not Gordon and Speck actually have a hit on their hands, so here's to hoping for the very best when the movie finally reaches theaters around the world next month.

Source: Paramount Pictures

Key Release Dates
  • Office Christmas Party (2016) release date: Dec 09, 2016
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