The Office Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Despite the fact that The Office characters are well-established in the realm of Harry Potter (they make a few jokes about it during the series), a mash-up between these two worlds would be nothing short of iconic. The thing that makes The Office such a magical show to watch is the fact that this seemingly humdrum setting brings out one of television's most beloved cast. And while these characters don't need any special doses of "real" magic to be entertaining, the crossover certainly would be appreciated by fans.

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The ensemble cast that makes up the core in this comedic series present unique and assorted traits. It seems almost inevitable that these characters may belong to more than just one of the Hogwarts houses. But after an unreasonable amount of hours spent rewatching the show, here are The Office characters sorted into their Hogwarts houses.

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15 Ryan Howard - Slytherin

Ryan undoubtedly possesses the traits of a Slytherin. He's motivated to get what he wants and he uses creative resources in order to obtain them. His demeanor is also a bit cryptic and self-serving, which probably means that he would get along effortlessly with Draco Malfoy.

14 Creed Bratton - Ravenclaw

Creed is a peculiar candidate who could probably do wonders in the wizarding world. His job at Dunder Mifflin has always been questioned, and yet he maintains his presence there with no questions asked.

Maybe it's his creative mindset or his wayward intelligence that gives him this role. Whatever it is, Ravenclaws would probably welcome his critical thinking into their midst.

13 Stanley Hudson - Gryffindor

Stanley Hudson from The Office

Stanley may seem cold and introverted, but deep down, he's one to take risks. Whenever a challenge presents himself, Stanley doesn't take the easy way out. This makes him a Gryffindor at heart.

When it came to besting Micahel at pushups to get the day off, Stanley prevailed. When the entire office found out about his affairs, he handled it with grace. Stanley may not be your typical hero, but he's a courageous being nonetheless.

12 Kevin Malone - Hufflepuff

Kevin is loyal in every aspect of his being. And it's this loyalty that would get him sorted into Hufflepuff. Remember the time he kept Oscar's secret about the Senator?

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Kevin does hard work (to the best of his ability, anyway) and he accepts anyone that comes to Dunder Mifflin with an open mind. This kind of modern mentality is definitely a trait that all Hufflepuffs can relate to.

11 Meredith Palmer - Slytherin

Meredith can best be described as lazy, stealthy, and suggestive. She's the leader of her solo pack, but her seclusion doesn't deter her smug veneer.

This woman's unabashed method to be herself is an admirable trait of a Slytherin. Meredith clearly holds herself in high regard, as she proves every time she decides to hit on someone in the office.

10 Toby Flenderson - Gryffindor

Paul Lieberstein as Toby Flenderson in The Office

Toby is subject to a lot of abuse at Dunder Mifflin, particularly from Michael. Unfortunately, this attitude rubs off on the rest of the office, and they all treat Toby like a doormat at least once.

However, Toby perseveres and he even decides to do something that no one else in the office dares to think about: he leaves Scranton. Toby takes the courageous step to venture off to Costa Rica. Sure, the outcome is a bit messy, but Gryffindors would take pride in his ambition to move forward.

9 Angela Martin - Slytherin

Angela's Slytherin like tendencies are palpable. She's ambitious enough to take matters into her own hands when she feels unsatisfied with anything or anyone in her life.

She leads the accounting department, making sure to point out the flaws in her fellow coworkers that she deems them inferior. Angela is definitely a Slytherin in every sense of the word.

8 Oscar Martinez - Ravenclaw

Oscar steadily becomes the office know-it-all. He is constantly correcting his peers and isn't ashamed to prove others wrong. Oscar holds those who display intelligence in high regard, which just goes to show that he wouldn't feel comfortable in any other house besides Ravenclaw.

7 Phyllis Vance - Gryffindor

Phyllis Vance is a feisty character. She may not have started out that way, but throughout the series, she grows into her own. She gains enough courage to stand up to Angela and puts her faith in those who prove themselves to be chivalrous.

Phyllis is accepting to almost everyone and chooses to see the good in people. But, if she needs to, Phyllis isn't against being a little vindictive.

6 Kelly Kapor - Slytherin

Kelly isn't one to go with the flow. And while she may have a hard time seeing things through, she faces all of her passions with unwavering ardor.

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Whether she is trying to get Ryan back or stirring up gossip in the office, Kelly is someone who is resourceful and uses her keen sensibilities to alter her reality. These mannerisms are a perfect fit for a Slytherin and Kelly is more likely to excel next to these like-minded individuals.

5 Andy Bernard - Ravenclaw

This is another Ravenclaw whose intelligence is prominently displayed. Besides Andy's not-so-humble brags about graduating from Cornell, he is even able to land the position of Dunder Mifflin's acting manager. His extracurricular activities, such as joining in the local Sweeney Todd play, also speak to his Ravenclaw attributes.

4 Pam Beesly - Ravenclaw

Pam is a character whose aptitude to grow is one of her redeeming virtues. In the beginning, she's a bit of a pushover, relenting to a fiance who doesn't give her the love she deserves.

Once she starts dating Jim, however, Pam becomes a force to be reckoned with and seemingly unstoppable. She goes to art school to further herself and even tries to bring creativity to the office with the Finer Things Club. Pam idiosyncrasies line up with those in Ravenclaw, especially in regards to her intelligence and willingness to learn.

3 Dwight Schrute - Gryffindor

Dwight makes it very clear that he is a Gryffindor. Although he seems to separate himself from the rest of the office, he works tirelessly to formulate strategies and practices that are well suited for everyone in the office.

He's unusual, yet daring, and no amount of doubt can hinder his goal to succeed. All Dwight wants is what’s best for the office and he goes out of his way to make sure that Dunder Mifflin succeeds.

2 Jim Halpert - Slytherin

Jim Halpert Somewhat Creepy

Jim might seem like you’re a typical Gryffindor, but at the heart of his demeanor lies a true Slytherin. He’s cunning and ambitious with a clear knack for leadership. He goes out of his way to reclaim the love of the girl of his dreams and later uses that ardent to start his own company.

And while his pranks can be a bit overbearing at times, they are all done in good faith. Jim is just one example of how a Slytherin can be a good guy.

1 Michael Scott - Hufflepuff

Michael's loyalty to Dunder Mifflin should be enough to prove his seat at the Hufflepuff table. On top of that, Michael is generally welcoming to anyone who enters the office.

His overwhelming trait manifests in his congenial tactics to run the office, which may be why so many of his employees are hesitant to leave. Michael is optimistic and enthusiastic, which are the starring attributes of people in Hufflepuff house.

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