The Office: 10 Biggest Twists, Ranked

The Office is not really a show know for shocking twists, but just like any good show, it does have a few surprises in store for its viewers. The exploits of the staff at Dunder Mifflin are always wild so it's common for some unexpected developments to occur from time to time.

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Some of these twists have greatly changed the show for better or worse. In many cases, the twists have involved the many unusual relationships within the show. And some of the twists are just the show having some fun with the audience. Whether they are making us gasp, laugh or both, these are the most shocking plot twists in The Office.

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10 Kevin's Dogs Is Alive

There are plenty of people on The Office who are not the smartest individuals, but Kevin has them all beat. He seems oblivious to how the world works and can often miss a lot of things that seem very obvious to everyone else.

When Kevin begins describing his dog being so good that it barely eats or even poops, the obvious conclusion is that Kevin doesn't realize his dog is dead. Cut to Kevin on the ground with his very still dog who suddenly lifts its head and licks him. At that moment, viewers let out a sigh of relief.

9 Cathy And Jim

There have been a lot of love triangles on the show, but when the attractive new employee, Cathy, showed up, it seemed like trouble. Pam quickly becomes jealous of Cathy and assumes Jim finds her attractive despite his protests. But when half of the office goes to Florida for a conference, Cathy reveals her plans to seduce Jim.

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The twist is set-up to be a shocking moment that will make fans worry about their favorite couple, Jim and Pam. Ultimately, the show plays it safe and the twist goes nowhere. The two share an awkward encounter in one episode where Jim has to repeatedly decline Cathy's advancements.

8 New Manager

Michael leaving Dunder Mifflin for good was a sad moment but one that we all knew was coming since Steve Carrell made plans to move on. However, the search for his replacement did offer a few surprises for fans.

While many expected one of the existing cast members would replace Michael, they were thrown a curveball as Will Ferrell joined the show as the new boss. It was quite a shock to see such a big name come on to the show in such a significant role. But, in another twist, Ferrell didn't last long as manager.

7 Erin's Parents

Though not one of the original cast members, Erin quickly became a welcome part of the show. As the new receptionist, Erin's role gradually grew until she became one of the most prominent characters on the show. As we learned more about her, we discovered she lived in foster homes most of her life and never knew her parents.

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As Erin dealt with that fact for a long time, the show gave her closure in the final episode as her mother and father reveal themselves to her during a panel for the documentary. While the show doesn't explore that relationship beyond the surprise reveal, it's a nice ending for the character.

6 Jan Is Pregnant

The Office Michael and Jan

The relationship between Michael and Jane was a tumultuous one, to say the least. It started as a bit of a twist itself since Jan seemed like she couldn't stand Michael. In another shock, we see her develop real feelings for him. Then it eventually turns into a pretty unhealthy relationship before Michael finally leaves her.

In a classic season finale shock, Michael and Jan run into each other and it is revealed that Jan is pregnant. In a twist upon the twist, she reveals that it is not Michael's baby and that she went to a sperm donor while they were together.

5 Ryan Goes Corporate

At the end of Season 3, the big question the show was teasing who would be chosen for the corporate job. Would it be Michael, Jim or Karen? With these three major characters vying for the spot, it seemed like it could be a game-changer no matter what.

The show threw a major curveball by revealing in the finale's last scene that it was, in fact, the put-upon intern Ryan who was chosen for the position. It was a nice, funny twist that did mean so real shake-ups for the show.

4 Michael Quits

The Office Michael Scott Paper Company Sign

While he might not always be the most focused on his job, Michael has proven that he is a very valuable employee for Dunder Mifflin. He also seems to really love the job – that is until Charles Miner (Idris Elba) comes in to help run things.

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As things begin to change for the worse, Michael begins realizing he is not as valued as he thought and he abruptly quits. While he does eventually return before the end of the season, it was a shocking and nice moment for Michael to stand up for himself.

3 Angela And Dwight's Affair

Dwight and Angela The Office

In another surprise relationship, Dwight and Angela, two of the office's most evil employees, got together. The reveal of their relationship was gradual robbing some of the shock from the moment. However, the relationship did still have quite a few twists.

After breaking up, Angela begins dating Andy and even gets engaged to him at the end of Season 4. But not long after the engagement is made official, Phyllis walks in on Dwight and Angela having sex, leading to a long, secret affair.

2 Jim Leaves

The relationship between Jim and Pam is in many ways the heart of the show. From the very first episode, we just wanted to see these two live happily ever after. But like any good television relationship, there were a lot of hurdles in the way.

At the end of Season 2, Jim finally reveals his feelings for Pam and the season ends with them kissing. So it came as a shock to many fans when Season 3 started and it was revealed Jim left Scranton after being rejected. We would have to wait even longer for that happy ending.

1 Michael Comes Back

Steve Carell as Michael Scott In The Office Series Finale

Michael leaving the show was devastating for a number of reasons. It was sad to see such a beloved and great character leave and it marked a significant drop in quality for the show. As the show struggled to find itself in the years after Michael's departure, it finally came to an end on Season 9.

The series finale wraps up the stories for all our favorite characters as they all reunite for Angela and Dwight's wedding. And in a cheer-worthy moment, Michael returns to join the fun and even gives us one more "That's what she said" joke.

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