Steve Carell Jokes About Office & It’s Always Sunny Crossover

Steve Carell jokes about a crossover series for The Office and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, responding to an Instagram post by Rob McElhenney.

Steve Carell

Actor Steve Carell jokes about a crossover series for The Office and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His comments were inspired by a recent Instagram post, in which Rob McElhenney taunts Carell by revealing that he was shooting his FXX series at the former location of Dunder Mifflin, the primary setting for The Office.

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On Twitter, Carell recently addressed McElhenney’s comedic Instagram post about the Dunder Mifflin takeover. The former star of The Office kept his message short and simple, stating that “this blood feud has to end” before suggesting a new series crossover entitled “It's Always Sunny in Scranton.” In the comments section, Carell’s former co-star, Angela Kinsey, chimed in with, “Get it Steve,” complemented by a GIF featuring her stoic character, Angela Martin. In response to Carell’s tweet, McElhenney posted the actual message to his Instagram account, along with a caption that notes how The Office’s setting, Scranton, is only 120 miles away from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s titular setting. McElhenney then writes “THIS WORKS. WHO WANTS IT MORE” while tagging the accounts for FX, NBC, Netflix, and Hulu. In addition, he makes it clear that “bidding shall begin at five hundred million dollars.” Check out Carell’s tweet and McElhenney’s Instagram response below. 

NBC aired The Office’s last episode six years ago, but the series continues to be relevant as the most popular program available on Netflix. The Office will reportedly leave the streaming service in 2021 and relocate to NBC Universal’s new streaming platform. Meanwhile, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia continues to be a staple of the FXX lineup, however the end may be near. Moving forward, the main players for both casts may indeed want to collaborate for a nostalgic special. 

Though Carell’s proposed series "It's Always Sunny in Scranton" may never happen, don’t be surprised if The Office is revived at some point. Given the series’ vast amount of talent, a reboot could bring characters in and out of the storyline, while incorporating characters from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia or other beloved sitcoms. And maybe, just maybe, The Office fans will finally get to experience the entirety of "Threat Level Midnight," a feature film starring Michael Scott as Agent Michael Scarn. 

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