'Odysseus' Movie To Be Like '300 Meets Taken'


A couple of days ago Screen Rant reported on the fact that Warner Bros. had won a fierce bidding war against Paramount for the rights to Odysseus, which retells the tale of the legendary Greek King.

We already have a basic outline for the film (given below), but we now also have some more details as to how the film might shape up: According to THR, the intent is to make a "sleepy swords-and-sandles epic but a bloody relentless revenge movie," that is described as being like "300 meets Taken." Liebesman also revealed that he sees it being akin to the newest Rambo film in the sense that it's, "where one guy just kicks a lot of ass."

That certainly sounds like an interesting take on the tale...

The story, which was conjured by producer Gianni Nunnari in a meeting with Liebesman, is as follows:

"The story centers on the legendary hero Odysseus, famed king of Ithaca, who returns to his island after 20 years of fighting the Trojan Wars, only to find his kingdom under the brutal occupation of an invading force. Odysseus single-handedly defeats every last man and takes back his wife, his son and his kingdom."

The spec script which was so epically fought (well, bid...) over was written by Ann Peacock, who wrote the indie Sundance thriller The Killing Room, a film directed by Liebesman as it happens. If you're wondering why on earth an indie thriller writer is penning the script for this one, not only is it because she worked with Liebesman before, but she also co-wrote the screenplay for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. So she does experience with the genre.

As fellow Screen Rant writer Niall Browne pointed out before, it seems that WB has some sort of fascination with bringing these types of stories to the big screen: They already had Troy and 300, they have the Clash of the Titans remake already on the slate and now they've added Odysseus (that's the presumed title at this point, but it very well may change).

I hope they don't overkill the market with this type of film, because eventually it will get tiresome (for some it may have already). They will probably take their time on this project because of the fact that Clash of the Titans and Odysseus are very similar.

As for the direction they are planning on going with it, I have to say I like the sound of it. Although I have made my feelings clear about Taken in the past, I presume they are just meaning it will be similar in that it's one man kicking some ass, which is solidified by his other reference to Rambo. And the comparison to 300 is definitely good news - it's a story that could easily be told in a similar way to 300, as long as it's not too similar...

So do you like the sound of the direction they're going with this? Do you like the 300, Taken and Rambo comparisons?

Screen Rant will keep you up-to-date on Odysseus as more news gets released.

Source: /Film and THR

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