8 Movies We're Looking Forward To: October 2013

The Fall movie season is in full gear with plenty of Oscar contenders and genre-focused fare for all to enjoy. Here are our choices for the movies to see in October.

October Movie Preview - Gravity Header

Admittedly, September was a rather weak month as far as worthwhile releases were concerned, but October could be much better. Featuring plenty of films every weekend, and a few awards show contenders, the Fall season seemingly starts here and it certainly won't let up. In fact, the month kicks off in just a few short days with the arrival of one of the most anticipated Fall releases of the year.

October is actually heavier on the dramas, and is decidedly light on the genre that typically dominates the month: horror. Without Paranormal Activity, it appears October has become an extension of November, which presumably means solid movie-going for longer.

Here are the 8 Movies We're Looking Forward To in October 2013.

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