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While Warner Bros. is primarily focused on fleshing out the DC Extended Universe and continuing the Harry Potter franchise with the Fantastic Beasts movies, next year will see the studio revive another familiar franchise in a new way. Ocean's Eight is a spin-off from the previous Ocean's trilogy starring Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney that now features an all-women main lineup. Since its announcement, fans of the prior films have been curious to discover how this new franchise hopeful will connect to the movies of old.

Even with an entirely new roster of characters, the heist premise will once again be in play for the Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) directed Ocean's Eight. The ensemble cast is headlined by Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, but also includes a number of other recognizable faces. With fans eager to see more of the film than just set photos, they now have the first official cast photo to check out instead.

Warner Bros. released a photo that features every member of Ocean's Eight's female heist team riding a subway, none looking too happy with their situation. To go along with the photo, EW also revealed character names for each of the ladies featured below, one of which confirms a major connection to the previous Ocean's movies. From left to right the photo shows Sandra Bullock (Debbie Ocean), Cate Blanchett (Lou), Rihanna (Nine Ball), Mindy Kaling (Amita), Awkwafina (Constance), Helena-Bonham Carter (Rose), Anne Hathaway (Daphne Kluger), and Sarah Paulson (Tammy).

Ocean's 8 - Cast Photo

Most of the cast names at face value do not provide too much new information about the film, but some of these ladies' mysterious last names could have ties to familiar characters. Then again, their last names could be meaningless in the grand scheme of things; hence they have not and potentially will not be revealed over the course of Ocean's Eight.

The big reveal here is confirmation that Bullock's character is going to be related to George Clooney's Danny Ocean. The two are most likely siblings, with Bullock's Debbie following in the career footsteps of her brother. However, instead of taking on casinos in Las Vegas, she is more interested in taking down the fashion world. With Anne Hathaway's character also rumored to be a model, it looks very likely that a fashion-focused plot is in play.

As more details about these characters and the plot come to light, it will be interesting to see how they connect Ocean's Eight to the previous Ocean's films. Matt Damon has already confirmed his Ocean's character, Linus Caldwell, is set to make an appearance in the film, so could he too be related to one of these ladies? It is possible, but we will have to wait and see just how exactly this plays out.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures, EW

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