Ocarina of Time Online Is A Real Thing Thanks To Modders

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Online Mod

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been given a new lease on its digital life thanks to a team of modders that has brought the traditionally singleplayer title online. The mod, which is called OoT Online, has transformed the Nintendo classic into a game that now runs off an online server, allowing friends to team up with each other while playing through one of the best N64 games ever created.

It's not as though fans haven't had their fair share of Legend of Zelda games to occupy themselves with recently, though. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild remains one of the most impressive games of this console cycle, while a Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch remake was recently confirmed that will introduce a new generation of fans to one of the franchise's best efforts.

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OoT Online is a mod being designed by a small team of fans that began work on the project last year. The team has already got it working, too, with two players being able to run around the world of Ocarina of Time and pursue whatever they want separately. The technology is pretty impressive: the two players can load into whichever areas they want without a hiccup in performance, and they can fight different enemies simultaneously without experiencing lag or any glitches. Check out the preview video below from BSoD Gaming's YouTube channel:

The mod is still in development, but there are plans to allow it to support up to 15 players at once, which would be an impressive feat. Currently, fights can only occur between the player an AI opponents, without any PvP features enable. The team does want to develop PvP at a later date, but given that it would be a feature that was never present in the original Ocarina of Time, that will likely take a great deal longer than getting the server to support more people. Anyone interested in following the mod as it develops can check out the team's Twitch channel, as they provide updates every now and then.

OoT Online is exactly the kind of fan project that we could see Nintendo's notoriously strict policies shut down, unfortunately. It's the type of game that fans adore, and it's going to keep getting noticed (sorry about that!), so it's unlikely to fly under the radar for too long. Hopefully, this is a case of Nintendo seeing fans using its own property and modding it for fun rather than infringing on any copyrights, and if so, we can't wait to see OoT Online boasting a dozen Links speedrunning through the game.

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Source: Hylian Modding (via BSoD Gaming)

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