Following in the footsteps of movies such as The Matrix and Dark City, Oblivion has promised a dose of high-concept mystery to go along with its relentless science-fiction action. Jack Harper is a combat-drone repairman, hanging out on an abandoned, devastated Earth sixty years after a brutal alien invasion. Events conspire to convince Jack that not only are his employers lying to him – they may in fact be hiding the terrifying secret behind the war that drove humanity from its home world.

Oblivion  is directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy). The film stars Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher), Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight Rises), Olga Kurylenko (Seven Psychopaths), Andrea Riseborough (Never Let Me Go), and Melissa Leo (Flight).

You can check out two new Oblivion posters below:


Oblivion Poster 1 280x170 New Oblivion Trailer Reveals More of the Ruined Earth

Oblivion Poster 2 280x170 New Oblivion Trailer Reveals More of the Ruined Earth

There’s not much actual new footage in this latest preview, which instead opts for expanding on themes hinted at in previous trailers. We see and hear more of the increasingly sinister Sally, the representative of the (supposed) humans-in-exile employing Jack’s mop-up team. Less is said of the strange memories plaguing Jack and more of his attachment to the Earth, blasted and lifeless though it is.

Speaking of which, this trailer features some more of those great sustained shots of the ruined Earth. Even if the much-speculated “big twist” behind Oblivion‘s plot fizzles, we can at least acknowledge that Kosinski has crafted a rather striking post-apocalyptic world. Hopefully, it will be one worth exploring.


Oblivion will descend into theaters on April 12th, 2013.

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