Obey Rambo

Maybe it's nostalgia, or maybe it's the lack of interesting "modern" franchise characters; but I find myself looking forward to Rambo or John Rambo or whatever they decide to call the upcoming film in the series.

It seems like only yesterday that Stallone was down on his luck and unable to get a film financed. But following the success of Rocky Balboa he seems to be the hottest director/former action star this side of Clint Eastwood.

I'll be honest with you, I was never really a fan of Sly when he was in his prime. I liked the occasional film such a Cliffhanger and my personal guilty pleasure Tango and Cash, although that does costar Kurt "god" Russell. However following his stint on that other movie related website last year (okay, I'll mention them: AICN) I decided that he seemed like a nice, humble guy who deserved a break in this CGI infested world. I then went out and bought the Rocky and Rambo box sets and finally discovered the genius of Stallone.

Which brings me nicely to the new Rambo film.

When the trailer was released last summer it looked like a fun old school action film. Stallone must have asked the question: "What do my fans want?"

The answer?

Action, action and even more action.

Stallone appears to be willing to give it to us. In spades.

From what I can tell he must be listening to every rumble and grumble from the online community - changing titles and sharing ideas. If you're reading this Sly: Hi!

The new outdoor Rambo poster has the feel of a guerilla marketing campaign and it shows a back to basics vibe that I think is inspired by the Obey Giant phenomenon. Check out this comparison:

What do you think?

Rambo opens on January 25, 2008.

Source: Latino Review

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