The OA Creator Reveals Why Season 2 Is Taking So Long To Make

Brit Marling in The OA Season 1

Nearly two years after The OA debuted on Netflix, a season 2 premiere date still hasn’t been announced, but according to the series' co-creator, there’s a good reason for the delay, and it’s directly tied to the unique narrative premise.

Directed by Zal Batmanglij and starring his longtime collaborator Brit Marling, The OA captivated audiences with its supernatural plot, in which a blind woman named Prairie Johnson disappears for seven years, only to return with full sight, wisdom, and a special plan to help missing people that involves an alternate reality. Co-starring Emory Cohen (War Machine, Hot Summer Nights) and the late Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead), The OA season 1 has a similar aesthetic as previous Batmanglij-Marling productions like The Sound of My Voice (2011) and The East (2013), both of which star Marling and feature cult-like figures offering varying types of spiritual enlightenment for supporting characters. After The OA’s shocking season 1 finale, the series’ had a polarizing effect on viewers, with Netflix subscribers asking for more episodes. Now, one of the creators has offered some clarity.

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On Instagram, Marling posted a seven-part message, opening with the filmmaker holding a sign that reads “Where Is Part II of The OA?” Per Marling’s “short answer,” she and Batmanglij have finished sound mixing “Chapter 2," and she also noted the complexities of producing, writing, filming, and editing each episode, as the series doesn’t operate like most television productions, especially with the lead actress being so heavily involved.

Marling also commented on The OA's originality, and how their collective imagination has resulted in each episode having a different “length, scope, and even genre.” Per the filmmaker/actress, “there is no pattern,” and that the overall production actually moves along quickly given that she and Batmanglij are essentially creating an eight-hour film every two years.

Marling also expressed thanks for the fans’ goodwill, along with her appreciation for the Netflix model and how the platform is “genuinely interested in trying new things inside narrative.” According to Marling, she views The OA as "some new kind of storytelling that has only just become possible.” In March 2017, Screen Rant addressed the biggest questions for The OA season 2. Now, 18 months later, those questions remain the same, even though Marling has directly addressed the most important question about new episodes. In 2011, The OA filmmaker received numerous accolades for her performance in fellow collaborator Mike Cahill’s science fiction drama Another Earth and later appeared in various films through 2014. Since then, however, Marling has been primarily invested in The OA and new storytelling possibilities.

Given the unique nature of Marling’s collaborations with Batmanglij, The OA Season 2 will likely be worth the wait.

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Source: Brit Marling/Instagram

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