NYPD Blue Sequel Series Casts Original Stars Kim Delaney & Bill Brochtrup

Original NYPD Blue cast

ABC's sequel series to the groundbreaking '90s cop show NYPD Blue will reportedly bring back original stars Kim Delaney and Bill Brochtrup. The two will join Alona Tal (Supernatural), who was previously announced as one of the new series' leads.

Airing on ABC from 1993 to 2005, NYPD Blue followed the exploits of the fictional New York City 15th precinct detective squad. With legendary Hill Street Blues producer Steven Bochco and equally legendary writer David Milch at the helm, the show quickly developed a reputation as one of the most hard-hitting and controversial dramas on network television. Among other things, the show made a star out of actor David Caruso, who famously exited the series after season 2 and launched a highly unsuccessful movie career.

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It remains to be seen if Caruso can be lured back for ABC's planned NYPD Blue sequel series (the odds would seem to be against it), but at least two of the original show's stars have indeed signed on to return. As reported by Deadline, both Kim Delaney and Bill Brochtrup will reprise their roles from the old series on the new iteration. Delaney plays Detective Diane Russell, while Brochtrup plays PAA John Irvin. Delaney of course earned three Emmy nominations and one win in her original run on the show as Detective Russell.

NYPD Blue TV series

As previously revealed, the new show will be a proper sequel that follows the son of Dennis Franz's original series character Andy Sipowicz as he strives to earn his detective's shield at the 15th Precinct while investigating his father's death. Reportedly, Delaney's Diane Russell is the only major character from the original show who appears in the sequel series pilot written by Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton and set to be directed by Jesse Bochco. But with Brochtrup returning too, it appears there will be a role for John Irvin in subsequent episodes, which opens the door for other original series stars like Jimmy Smits or Amy Brenneman to possibly play a role - big or small - somewhere down the road as well.

As with all the big TV reboots, revivals and sequels that have appeared in recent years, the new NYPD Blue will seek to draw in fans of the original series while also hoping to create a new generation of devotees. Sometimes the revival approach works well in paying tribute to the original while still opening up new creative doors, but sometimes the new series simply tap into nostalgia without offering anything particularly valuable of their own. The creative team behind the new NYPD Blue is a strong one, so perhaps this new series will succeed in establishing itself as something more than a mere revisit of the original.

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Source: Deadline

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