NYPD Blue Reboot Casts Supernatural's Alona Tal in Major Role

Finally providing fans a few details about the highly anticipated revival, the NYPD Blue reboot has announced its first cast member, Supernatural's Alona Tal. The 35-year-old Israeli-American actress joins the reboot of the 1990s cop drama that aired its final episode back in 2005. Announced in October, this reboot plans to diverge slightly from the dramatic procedural that David Milch and the late Steven Bochco created in 1993.

The original series delved into the lives of several cops in Manhattan's 15th precinct and was, at one time, ABC's longest running drama - solidifying a spot on air for 12 seasons. With 84 Emmy nominations to its name and a dedicated fanbase, NYPD Blue has the positive qualities of a successful revival. Matt Olmstead (Chicago P.D.), Nick Wootton (Chuck) and Jesse Bochco (Steven's son) head the reboot, and have decided to forego the show's original characters in favor of a new generation of cops. That's alright by former cast member Dennis Franz, who has previously expressed his disinterest in a revival cameo appearance. There's so far been no indication that the rest of the cast - which included the likes of David Caruso, Sharon Lawrence, and Jimmy Smits - feel the same.

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Marking the very first of the revival's casting decisions, and revealing a few minor plot details, Deadline announced today that Alona Tal will star in the series. In the revival, former detective Andy Sipowicz (Franz) has been murdered, and his son Theo has joined the 15th precinct to investigate his untimely death. Working beside Theo, Tal will portray Detective Nicole Lazarus, a woman dealing with difficult personal issues stemming from a messy divorce. Just like its predecessor, NYPD Blue appears to have plenty of drama.

Probably best known for her portrayal of Jo Harvelle on CW's Supernatural, Tal also had notable roles on Burn Notice and Veronica Mars, along with bit parts on a variety of other shows throughout the years. Perhaps this starring role on NYPD Blue could be the opportunity that pushes her away from the minor roles and into more substantial parts.

Since the initial announcement of the reboot, NYPD Blue has remained fairly quiet about details surrounding the plot and casting process. Today, fans finally caught a glimpse at the way the revival is taking shape. The upcoming months will surely be filled with incessant casting updates. Hopefully those decisions will buoy fan's confidence; ensuring that this revival has the potential to live up to its predecessor.

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Source: Deadline

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