NYCC 2011: Cosplay Babe Photo Gallery

NYCC 2011 Cosplay - Blackcat

New York Comic Con 2011 hit in full force this past weekend, with companies showing off the latest X-Men: Regenesis comic series and characters from Marvel, interesting looks at Total Recall, Ghost Rider 2 and Underworld 4 from Sony, updates regarding Batman: Year One and Justice League: Doom from DCU Animation. While some might think the highlight of the Con was the unveiling of footage from the highly-anticipated, Joss Whedon comic book movie The Avengers - the true reason to attend this (and any Comic Con, really) are the babes dressed in cosplay.

Comic-Cons are like superhero Halloween - i.e., they give women a reason to dress-up in skimpy comic book attire and parade around in public - and the comic book fans enjoy every minute of it. I'm not sure who said it, but the quote "Beautiful women make everything better," is quite appropriate at a Comic-Con.

Whether they are being paid by a video game or comic book company to dress as their characters and draw the eye (and dollar) of eager fan boys of all ages - or whether they are just beautiful women who enjoy dressing up as their own favorite character from comics, movies or anime - it doesn't really matter why they dress up, we are just glad they do.

Enjoy this gallery of "Babes" from this year's New York Comic-Con, and then tell us which outfit you enjoyed the most.

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