NYCC 2011: Cosplay Photo Gallery

NYCC 2011 Cosplay - Boba Fett Group

The New York Comic Con, though not as big and popular as the massive event that is the San Diego Comic Con, still brings out people in droves - and where there are comic book fans, there are sure to be plenty of people dressed in cosplay. NYCC 2011 was no exception.

Ranging from store-bought superhero costumes to elaborate and expensive homemade costumes, the cosplay fanatic will go to great lengths to dress as their favorite superhero, sci-fi, fantasy or anime character. In the world of cosplay, originality is the key to being successful and success is often judged by the number of people asking to take your picture.

An expert cosplayer at a Con can draw hundreds of people all clamoring to take a picture, and unlike our Cosplay Babes Photo Gallery the popular people don't always show a lot of leg or cleavage (though it certainly doesn't hurt). At NYCC this year we saw a wide assortment of cosplayers ranging from The Swedish Chef (my personal favorite) to Dark Helmet to Blankman, as well as a great-looking group of guys dressed as Street Fighter characters.

Of course, the usual costumes of Slave Leia, Boba Fett, Batman, Joker and various other sci-fi/superhero cosplay staples where also on hand.

Enjoy the gallery below, then tell us which costume is your favorite in the comment section.

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