Number 7 & Number 8 Posters for '9'

[UPDATE: We now have a second character poster from '9']

Shane Acker's '9' is one my most anticipated films of Fall 2009. The movie - about living rag dolls tasked with preserving life in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by machines - is easily one of the most uniquely original and visually captivating works I've seen in awhile.

Today we have a new promo poster for 9 that features the character of 8. If that sounds confusing, it's only because you aren't aware that the movie's protagonists, the rag dolls, are all numbered 1-9 (duh). Number 8 is the "strong man" of the bunch - check out how badass he looks:




The scene depicted in the "8" poster is taken from the 'battle of the winged beast' sequence, a clip we posted on Screen Rant just a few days ago; the creature in the background of the "7" poster looks a lot like the one from Shane Acker's original 9 animated short. If you think the poster of 8 looks badass, then you need to view the winged beast clip ASAP and watch Number 8 tear it up with his butcher knife sword and half-scissor spear. Between him and Number 5 (the doll with the one eye), I'd say I've found my favorite characters in 9! Here's hoping they survive until the end!

If this film has snagged your interest, please be sure to check out the other clips, trailers, viral sites and posters we have for it. We're trying to get a buzz going so that people go out and support this movie: a lot of us here at Screen Rant wouldn't mind some more adult-oriented animated features in the future. But we have to $upport the one we've got first...

9 hits theaters on 9-9-09. How do you like the poster? Which rag doll character is your favorite so far?

UPDATE: Be sure to check out ALL 9 character posters by going here.

Sources: i09 via First Showing

Update Source: Icon vs Icon

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