Numb3rs: David Krumholtz Exits; Signs On Fox Pilot

Numb3rs' David Krumholtz has signed on for Ron Howard's IRS comedy sitcom over at Fox. Does this mean the end of Numb3rs?

The rumors of CBS’ Friday night drama, Numb3rs, being on the chopping block seem to be true as David Krumholtz has just been cast to star in Ron Howard’s new IRS comedy being penned by The Office’s Brent Forrester.

In the show, Krumholtz will play IRS agent Spencer, who is trying to find nobility in his work. The yet-untitled pilot comes from Ron Howard, Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television with Imagine founders Howard, Brian Grazer and David Nevins serving as executive producers.

For those that are curious whether or not Krumholtz can play the comedic role should think back to Disney’s 1994 hit, The Santa Clause. If memory serves me correct, he played a pretty hilarious Bernard the Elf.

While Numb3rs is all but canceled (especially after CBS cut episodes from 22 down to 16), Krumholtz is still signed onto the mathematics drama and would return to the series if, by chance, it is renewed for another season. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be what’s going to happen as Jerry Bruckheimer’s Miami Medical (formerly Miami Trauma) will be replacing Numb3rs starting April 2nd.

Wondering what Miami Medical has in store for you?

MIAMI MEDICAL, about a team of expert surgeons who thrive on the adrenaline rush of working at one of the premiere trauma facilities in the country while drawing upon their wit and irreverence to survive on the edge.

There’s nothing like the smell of a new medical drama in the air. Not like we don’t already have 12 of those... It’s unfortunate that a series such as Numb3rs is being replaced with a cookie-cutter ER clone that’s… “on the edge.” Especially when Ghost Whisperer is still on the air after their 5-year jump forward storyline.

Luckily, the Bill Nye-inspired series has reached the pinnacle 100 episode mark, so the wonderful cast and nerdy mathematical explanations about how the Chapman–Kolmogorov equation can help catch escaped convicts will live on in syndication.

Krumholtz in The Santa Clause

As six seasons of Numb3rs comes to an end, are you sad to see it go? Is Miami Medical a suitable replacement? Are you excited to see Krumholtz venture into a comedic role? Could this be Ron Howard’s new Arrested Development?

Source: Variety

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