'Now You See Me' Clips & Motion Posters: Smooth Criminal Magicians

Now You See Me (2013) Movie Clips and Motion Posters


Now You See Me is the new heist-thriller from Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier, and the first trailers have shown off a film that raises tantalizing mysteries - mysteries which will needs Ocean's 11-level payoff to make the ride worth it.

That challenge aside, the journey seems like it will be fun enough, thanks to a solid cast whose characters are the focus of some new motion posters we have to share with you today. In addition, some new clips from the movie include a 4-minute introduction to the central characters (a team of illusionist thieves), as well a later scene featuring the team pulling a heist during one of their shows.

Check out the first 4 minutes of the film above, and the heist clip below:


Taking a page from Ocean's 11, the four-minute clip of Now You See Me does a succinct job of showing us each illusionist's personality and specialty: Michael Atlas (Eisenberg) is a master of distraction; Merritt Osbourne (Harrelson) is a master hypnotist and blatant extortionist; Jack (Franco) is a street-wise con-man specializing in double (even triple?) crosses; and Henley (Isla Fisher) is a honeypot who knows how play the damsel in faux distress. The clip of the heist that occurs during one of the "Four Horseman's" shows what they are capable of with talents combined - it also raises some of  those aforementioned mysteries (like how they transport a man through space) that will need significant payoff by the end.

Now You See Me (2013) Movie Clips and Motion Posters

Now You See Me features Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network), Dave Franco (21 Jump Street), Isla Fisher (Great Gatsby) and Woody Harrelson as the thieving illusionists; Mark Ruffalo (Avengers) and Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds) as FBI agents on their tale; with actors like Morgan Freeman, Common (Hell on Wheels) and Michael Caine (Dark Knight) thrown in for good measure.

Check out the cast members posed for their own motion-posters (complete with personality descriptions):



Now You See Me will be in theaters on May 31, 2013.

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