When Will Now You See Me 3 Happen? Here's What We Know

Now You See Me 2

Will Now You See Me 3 ever happen or has the franchise performed a permanent disappearing act? The original Now You See Me was a glossy thriller that involved a team of magicians called the Four Horsemen, who pull off a series of daring heists; it's up to Mark Ruffalo's determined FBI agent to stop them. The movie was a silly but enjoyable thriller that benefitted from a great cast, including Michael Caine, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, and Jesse Eisenberg, the latter two actors being reunited from Zombieland.

While Now You See Me was released to mixed reviews it became a surprise success, grossing over $350 million worldwide. That's the kind of money that inspires a studio to mount a sequel, so the Four Horsemen reunited for 2016's Now You See Me 2. Daniel Radcliffe and Lizzy Caplan were newcomers to the cast, which found the gang targeted for revenge by Caine's Mabry. The sequel was once again met with a mixed reception and while it was a hit, the gross was slightly less than the original.

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There's currently no sign of when Now You See Me 3 will happen, so will the Four Horsemen mount up for another magical heist?

Now You See Me 3 Was Announced In 2016

Now You See Me 2 movie review

Even before the second movie was released it was confirmed Now You See Me 3 was already in the works. Director Jon M. Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) was set to return for the sequel, though no story details were revealed. The second movie ended with Ruffalo's character asked to take over the leadership of The Eye, a secret society of magicians. Benedict Cumberbatch was reported to be joining the cast as a new villain too, but development on Now You See Me 3 has gone quiet since 2016.

A Chinese Now You See Me Spinoff Was Developed

now you see me 2 jay chou

In addition to Now You See Me 3 being announced, it was reported by THR that Lionsgate was developing a Chinese spinoff of the franchise. The film was set to star Jay Chou (The Green Hornet) as his character Li from Now You See Me 2, though it's unknown if any other actors from the series would have reappeared. Like the third film, little has been heard about this spinoff since 2016.

Now You See Me 3's Release Date

Unfortunately for fans of the series, there's no word on when Now You See Me 3 will be released. While it's possible the film was been canceled due to the second entry grossing less than the original, a more likely cause is the schedules of the talent involved; it can't be easy to carve out a gap of time for all the name actors in the series. Eisenberg and Harrelson only recently found time to make Zombieland 2, which comes a decade after the first. Now You See Me 3 will likely move ahead, but fans may have to wait a few more years.

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