November Watchmen Video Journal: Girls Kick Ass

It's the beginning of the month so that means another Watchmen video production diary entry. This month Zack Snyder talks about the women of Watchmen: Silk Spectre (Carla Gugino) and Silk Spectre II (daughter of the original, played by Malin Akerman, pictured at left).

In this "episode" Snyder talks about not only the history of the female characters, but the history between them as well. The daughter resents her mother becuase she feels she was pushed into being a second generation superhero, but in the end she discovers it was what she wanted to do.

Among items shown and discussed are the martial arts training and we get to see some behind the scenes of fight scenes and action sequences.

But enough of my jabbering, see for yourself:

Watchmen is currently scheduled to open on March 6, 2009.

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