5 Movies We're Looking Forward To: November 2013

After a string of duds, Vince Vaughn is in desperate need of a break. He's tried reuniting with old friends, he's tried Oscar-winning directors, and now he's trying for a comedy with a little extra heart. Delivery Man's premise, about a man who discovers he fathered hundreds of kids as a sperm donor in his 20s, sounds a little silly, but the film's marketing thus far doesn't sell it as such. In fact, the film appears to be a unique look at the nature of parenthood.

We don't expect the film will find too much success at the box office, presumably because most moviegoers will write the film off as another failed Vince Vaughn comedy, but this might be one of the month's surprises. However, if Delivery Man is a dud that could spell bad news for the actor.

Check out the trailer for Delivery Man.

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