Why Nottingham Really Fell Apart (MAJOR SPOILER)

This is an update on the article I wrote last Sunday stating that the Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe film Nottingham had fallen apart due to script problems and the looming SAG strike.

Well CHUD got the lowdown on the "script problems" and it's not bad news (as is usually the case). I'm not sure at what point in the script the following information is revealed but be warned that if you're interested in seeing the movie this could be a MAJOR SPOILER so you may not want to read any further.

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The script calls for Russell Crowe to play both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood in the film!

Apparently the Sheriff and Robin Hood are one and the same in this twist on the classic story.

This plot twist is apparently what has stalled the project - it's not that the script is bad... it's supposed to be very good - but it needed some extra work to pull off this major plot device.

How they plan to deliver this, I have no idea.

Does the sheriff create the character to boost morale?

Is he tired of seeing the rich profit?

Who knows?

It actually sounds like a pretty cool twist.

I'd be very interested to see how this differs from the original script and when this idea came up in the development process. At the very least this stops all of the rumors of who will be playing Robin Hood in the film.

This was an interesting project that has now become even more interesting. I hope that this thing eventually sees the light of day - with Crowe and Scott attached!

If there's more news on Nottingham  - you can bet your bow and arrows that you'll find it here!

Source: CHUD

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