Not the Tom and Jerry I remember...

Ever have a nightmare about a talk show dealing with politics and pop culture? Most of us haven't. However, when the hosts of this particular show are Tom Green and Jerry Springer, I have to take exception.

Imagine the look on your face after you've been socked in the gut by an especially forceful punch, and that was about my reaction when I read this. Not only is Tom Green quite possibly the most obnoxious person on the planet, but I have always felt like Jerry Springer makes everything feel "dumbed down." After watching his show (which I have rarely done, I might add), I always feel like my IQ went down 10 points, and I feel kind of scummy too.

Tom Green is Canadian, so I have to wonder how much his views on politics and pop culture will mesh with most Americans. Jerry Springer is no stranger to politics, but his political leanings must have John Kerry shaking his head in disbelief, going "Now that is one liberal dude." And what business does Springer have talking about pop culture? Most of the guests on his show fall into the "trailer trash" category. Given what we know about these guys, how can the show be objective? Is it even meant to be objective?

The president of Lions Gate Television, Kevin Beggs, has sort of answered that: "It will be informative yet entertaining. Just the thought of these two guys together makes you laugh." Actually, Kevin, the thought of those two guys together makes me cringe in pain. Both have had their occasionally funny moments, but the bad has far outweighed the good in both cases. These days, everybody seems to be complaining about how low TV has stooped, and a show like this is the response? Could it be that the massive shift to the political right we saw late last year and early this year is about to overcompensate in the other direction?

The show is reportedly being shopped around right now, so it hasn't been officially picked up. Let's hope it disappears into the "great beyond" where most TV show ideas end up. To be honest, I'm quite happy with the job Jon Stewart's doing. Can't we leave it at that?

Source: CNN


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