Not putting my money where my mouth is

Ok. I hate to bring up politics here, but I've decided that I have to start talking with my wallet when it comes to actors who parade political views which I consider idiotic. Here's a quote for you:

"I'm a believer that society has to deal with the issue of how this (President Bush's) administration oppresses people in (the U.S.) and in other countries. If they take away people's hopes and beliefs, (these oppressed people) will do something."

That was Sean Penn, at the Toronoto Film Festival yesterday.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with our going to war in Iraq, does any sane person really believe that the intent is to oppress the citizens of that country? And people being oppressed in the U.S.? Like who, Penn and his multi-millionare allies who spout whatever political commentary they want without penalty? Like the thousands of demonstrators at the RNC?

Try that in any of those countries that we're supposedly oppressing and see where you'd end up. Either prison or a hole in the ground, that's where. I am truly flabbergasted by comments like this, and I've had it.

Regular readers of this site probably know that I'm a huge Sci Fi and action movie fan, but let me tell ya, there could be a "Terminator 4" or "Alien 5" announced tomorrow, but if Penn was going to be in one of those, I would not watch it at the theater, buy it, or even rent it on DVD, no matter how excellent I might hear the movie might be.

I applied this rule long ago to any movie by Roman Polanski (for different reasons), regardless of whether it wins an Oscar or not, but I see that now my "do not watch" list must be expanded further.

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