What To Expect From NOS4A2

AMC's NOS4A2 premiered at SXSW in March 2019. Here's what to expect from the new supernatural horror series, a TV adaptation of Joe Hill's novel.

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AMC's NOS4A2 TV show is almost here, but what can fans expect from season 1? Based on Joe Hill’s third novel, the NOS4A2 TV show follows Vic McQueen, a teenage artist with supernatural powers. She pursues the creepy and possibly immortal Charlie Manx, a man lost in his own imagination; a man who transports children’s souls to “Christmasland.”

Over the years, AMC has defined itself with a number of ground-breaking dramas, and NOS4A2 (pronounced Nosferatu, a word equivalent to vampire) has the opportunity to be another acclaimed darling for the network, one that’s narratively designed for a proper mind trip.

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The novel NOS4A2 was nominated for the 2013 Bram Stoker Award, and given the fact that the NOS4A2 TV show is being produced by Hill himself, hopefully, means that it will retain its horror roots when adapted for the small screen. Here's everything we know about the NOS4A2 TV show, including its potential release date, story details, and casting info.

NOS4A2 TV Show Release Date

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NOS4A2 has been in development since 2015 and was officially ordered by AMC in April 2018. As of March 2019, an exact release date for NOS4A2 hasn’t been announced. However, NOS4A2 did premiere at SXSW, thus meaning that AMC is ready to premiere the NOS4A2 TV show sooner rather than later. For context, in 2016, AMC premiered Preacher at SXSW only for the series to then debut on TV two months later - in late May. With the new season of Preacher likely premiering in late summer, it's certainly plausible that NOS4A2 will release in late May this time.

NOS4A2 TV Show Story


In NOS4A2 season 1, Vic McQueen will attempt to defeat Charlie Manx while saving young children. The book jumps through different timelines from 2008 to 1986 to 2012, in order to establish the origin story for the protagonist’s superpowers. On AMC, the original NOS4A2 story will have to be condensed, of course, but viewers can expect different timelines that emphasize Vic McQueen’s mental state, while establishing the life and times (and resurrection) of Charlie Manx. Based on NOS4A2's first reviews, Vic McQueen reportedly gains and loses powers while navigating a rickety bridge, while Charlie Max lures children into his 1930s Rolls Royce. Given that “Christmasland” is part of the villain’s imagination, NOS4A2's visuals will undoubtedly be surrealistic and quite dark.

NOS4A2 TV Show Cast


Ashleigh Cummings will star as Vic McQueen on NOS4A2. The Australian actress has appeared in the psychological drama film Hounds of Love and the New Zealand dramedy series Westside. On AMC's Hill adaptation, she’ll be joined by Zachary Quinto, who will portray the villain Charlie Manx. In December 2018, a NOS4A2 first look photo teased the soul-sucking monster, and he also appears in the new teaser clip. The American-Icelandic actor Ólafur Darri Ólafsson has a supporting role in NOS4A2 as Bing Partridge, while Ashley Romans was cast as Tabitha Hutter last December. For NOS4A2 season 1, Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Virginia Kull have main roles, with Jahkara Smith, Rarmian Newton, Karen Pittman, and Darby Camp rounding out the cast.

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