AMC's NOS4A2 TV Show Casts Ashley Romans As A Detective

The AMC series NOS4A2 casts Ashley Romans in a primary role as the Shameless actress will portray a detective in the supernatural thriller.

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The upcoming AMC series NOS4A2 has cast Ashley Romans in a recurring role as the Shameless actress will portray a detective in the supernatural thriller adaptation.

NOS4A2 (pronounced “nosferatu”) is based on the 2013 novel of the same name by American novelist Joe Hill, the son of authors Stephen and Tabitha King. The narrative examines the experiences of Vic McQueen and her supernatural relationship with a killer named Charlie Manx. In the book, the story shifts from 2008 to 1986 to 1996 and then back to 2008 again, detailing how Manx feeds on children’s souls and then leaves them in a place called “Christmasland.” Last April, AMC officially ordered the series, and the two leads were announced in September. Ashleigh Cummings (Hounds of Love) will portray Vic McQueen, while American Horror Story and Star Trek star Zachary Quinto will appear as Charlie Manx. In addition, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald), Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Punisher), and Karen Pittman (Luke Cage) have supporting roles.

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Per Deadline, Romans has been cast in NOS4A2 as Tabitha Hunter, described as "a no nonsense detective who’s tough yet caring.” Beginning in 2017, Hunter played the lead role in Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis, and she also appeared in four 2018 episodes of the Showtime dramedy I'm Dying Up Here. Romans is perhaps best known for her role as Alex on the Emmy Rossum-led Showtime series Shameless, as she appeared in five 2018 episodes.

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NOS4A2 was created by Jami O’Brien, who served as co-executive producer and writer for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels. For Hill, the series marks the third adaptation of his work. In 2013, French director Alexandre Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes) released Horns, which was loosely based on Hill’s 2010 dark fantasy novel about a man with diabolical powers. While Hill is indeed an accomplished writer in his own right, his father is a literary icon who continues to be a relevant figure of modern cinema. In 2017 alone, King's The Dark Tower, It, Gerald’s Game, and 1922 were all adapted by film directors, while big screen versions of Pet Sematary and In the Tall Grass are scheduled for 2019 releases, along with It: Chapter Two. 

While Stephen King fans may be familiar with the term “Constant Readers," modern streamers probably aren’t too familiar with the name Joe Hill. But that’s about to change once NOS4A2 premieres in 2019 on AMC. In addition, Romans’ career trajectory seems to be on the rise after a strong 2018.

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Source: Deadline

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