Noomi Rapace Confirms 'Prometheus' Sequel in Development

Prometheus Noomi Rapace

It's obvious after watching Prometheus that director Ridley Scott and co-writer Damon Lindelof were planning on a sequel, spinning Jon Spaihts' original script Alien: Engineers (a more conventional prequel) into a perplexing meditation on the origins of humanity and life-creation process. Lindelof isn't returning to pen the sequel, and Scott continues to juggle multiple directing projects at once, so that leaves everyone else to wonder when the "confirmed" followup is arriving.

Noomi Rapace survived until the Prometheus end credits began rolling, laying the groundwork for her coming back in the sequel. She's promoting her next film Dead Man Down (which opens next week), providing journalists and reporters a chance to press Rapace for information about what's happening on the Prometheus front.

Scott began talking excitedly about the Prometheus sequel before its predecessor opened in theaters, but his shared enthusiasm for the developing second Blade Runner installment has been making it hard to figure out which one the director is prioritizing. Rapace, in an interview with The Playlist, confirms Scott is actively taking steps to crack the next chapter in the Prometheus saga:

"They're working on the script. I met Ridley in London a couple of weeks ago. I would love to work with him again and I know that he would like to do another one. It's just like we need to find the right story. I hope we will."

Rapace later informed her interviewer that "You would have to ask someone at the studio about who the writer is," though her teasing manner indicates the actress may know more than she's allowed to say right now. We can say for certain it's not secretly Lindelof or Spaihts, as each writer is currently preoccupied with their own new projects - in the shapes of Brad Bird's mystery sci-fi film Tomorrowland and Universal's The Mummy reboot, respectively.

Later, the actress reiterated her love of working with Scott despite the physically, mentally and emotionally draining nature of the Prometheus shoot (for more on that, read our interview with Rapace). She also broached the touchy subject of the film's reception and reactions - varying from complaints that Prometheus is a goofy and pretentious sci-fi movie that fails as a satisfactory Alien prequel, to praise for Scott, Lindelof and their cast for crafting a technically masterful and horrifying allegory for life as we know it.

She then implied that the speculative angles are things she would like to see influence the sequel. "And it's interesting because people, most people I've talked to who see the movie, see things that are quite different. Some people who see the movie many times and discover new things. There are all these religious aspects and there are very interesting conversations," Rapace explained. "And for me, if we do a second one, there are a lot of things to explore in there and to continue." She added: "I would love to do it."

Everyone's got an opinion about Prometheus, whether they see the same elements Rapace is referencing or consider the whole thing one big fat disappointment. Many fans have devoted countless hours to breaking down its "hidden" meanings, while others have been eagerly awaiting more information concerning what the sequel is about and where it's going (the Engineers' world, presumably). That's all to say: there's very much an audience waiting for this film, so you can anticipate more updates on progress over the forthcoming months.

What are you hoping for in the Prometheus sequel? Let us know in the comments section.


Source: The Playlist

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