What To Expect From Nomad of Nowhere Season 2

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Following a fun first season, what should fans expect from Nomad Of Nowhere season 2? Nomad Of Nowhere is an animated web show from Rooster Tech (gen: LOCK) and follows the Nomad, the world’s last magical being. The show is a mixture of fantasy and western, with the Nomad wandering a vast, desolate landscape that was once a thriving kingdom. He’s also got a large bounty on his head, but despite being considered highly dangerous, he’s a warm and misunderstood character.

Nomad Of Nowhere has been compared to classic anime series like Trigun and Samurai Jack for its quirky sense of humor and blend of genres. The show has since broken out of those comparisons, however, and has carved its own special niche. The web series has already earned a loyal fanbase since debuting in 2018, who are eager to see where the Nomad and his friends Skout and Toth will get up to next and if they'll finally get to see El Rey in the flesh.

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Let’s take a look at what fans of the show should expect from Nomad Of Nowhere season 2.

When Will Nomad Of Nowhere Season 2 Air?

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Rooster Teeth have yet to see a release date for Nomad Of Nowhere season 2. The company has been busy on other projects like gen: LOCK with Michael B. Jordan recently, but while the company is said to be working on Nomad Of Nowhere season 2 there’s little sign of when the show might drop. While fans are eager to hear any news about season 2’s progress, Rooster Teeth are keeping quiet about the show’s future for the time being. If the show is returning in 2019 it will likely be towards the end of the year.

What’s The Story Of Nomad Of Nowhere Season 2?

Just like the release date, story details on Nomad Of Nowhere’s season 2 are hard to come by. The season 1 finale saw Nomad and Skout riding off together to take the fight to El Rey, the evil ruler of Nowhere. El Rey was said to been a brave adventurer himself once upon a time, before turning evil and draining the land of its resources. This character hasn’t been seen outside of a flashback sequence so he will likely play an important role in the second season.

Nomad Of Nowhere’s Creator Is No Longer With Rooster Teeth

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Georden Whitman created Nomad Of Nowhere and worked with Rooster Teeth on other projects like Camp Camp, but has since left the company due to creative differences. It’s not known if or how this will affect Nomad Of Nowhere season 2 though.

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