Nocturnal Animals Posters: Jake Gyllenhaal & Amy Adams In New Thriller

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The summer season for movies has come to a close, meaning theaters will soon begin to show more Oscar quality films. There are plenty of intriguing movies with directors old and new, many of which are using recognizable casts to help sell casual fans. One of these Oscar hopefuls is Nocturnal Animals, the second directorial effort from Tom Ford. For his second film, he has assembled an all-star cast consisting of Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal in the leads, with Michael Shannon and Aaron-Taylor Johnson as supporting players.

Adams is certainly no stranger to Oscar nominations, and Nocturnal Animals gives her another shot at receiving a nomination this awards season. Although no trailer has been released so far, that could be right around the corner with the first posters for the movie now being released.

Focus Features (via IndieWire) have released the first character photos from the movie showcasing Adams, Gyllenhaal, Shannon, and Taylor-Johnson. The plot revolves around a story written by Gyllenhaal's character, and the posters reflect a torn page look to each of them. While they follow the typical pattern of focusing on the stars of the movie instead of the movie itself, these are character posters that are meant to do exactly that. Take a look:

Jake Gyllenhaal Nocturnal Animals Poster

Amy Adams Nocturnal Animals Poster

Michael Shannon Nocturnal Animals Poster

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Nocturnal Animals Poster

As posters, these are not necessarily going to grab people's attentions who do not already have interest in seeing this movie. With posters coming out, the hope has to be that a trailer is not too far off. Ford's first film, A Single Man, was able to get Colin Firth an Oscar nomination in 2009, and with a release near the end of the year, the Nocturnal Animals cast could also have awards in their future. It is too early to say exactly who could shine through, but early reviews point to a hit. That said, this already seems to be a crowded year for the Oscars, so reaction to the movie will play a very big role.

Adams is the Oscar regular of the cast with five nominations already, and Nocturnal Animals could be her second chance of 2016 alone to receive a nomination. She is already receiving notable buzz from the early reviews of Arrival, where she stars alongside Jeremy Renner. Gyllenhaal and Shannon could both also be looking for their second Oscar nominations, with Gyllenhaal for Best Male Lead and Shannon for Best Male Supporting. Once the release date moves closer, there should be a better feel for the awards potential.

Nocturnal Animals will hit U.S. theaters December 9th, 2016, after a limited release in November.

Source: Focus Features [via IndieWire]

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