Nocturnal Animals Trailer #2: Amy Adams is Haunted by the Past

Nocturnal Animals Trailer #2

A favorite feature and winner of the Golden Lion and Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival, Nocturnal Animals is the latest directorial effort from rising American writer and director Tom Ford following his cinematic debut, A Single Man, in 2009. Based on the 1993 novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright - which saw a resurgence in popularity in the UK circa 2010 - Ford's latest film stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Southpaw) and Amy Adams (Arrival) as Edward and Susan Morrow, a couple caught up in an enigmatic and violent novel written by the husband as a seemingly veiled threat and symbolic revenge fantasy.

Filled to the brim with A-list Hollywood talent, including Michael Shannon (Midnight Special), Laura Linney (Sully), and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Godzilla), Ford's latest is decidedly among the more highly anticipated fall 2016 theatrical releases. And as if the surreal theatrical posters and first trailer weren't enough to entice potential viewers into the theater, the latest trailer has just been released online to sweeten the deal.

In the footage featured above, distributor Focus Features promises potential viewers a veritable feast of the senses and the mind in what is shaping up to be quite the cinematic event. Hinting at what was a seemingly egregious offense committed by Adams against Gyllenhaal in the film, the rest of the cast and crew appears primed to fill in the gaps of what looks like a stirring and volatile American thriller - one that might generate some substantial Oscar buzz, come time of awards season early next year.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Nocturnal Animals

Ford's Oscar-nominated directorial debut A Single Man launched the American filmmaker into greater visibility and critical notoriety, making the impending release of Nocturnal Animals something to look forward to with interest and attention. Little can be said about the narrative content of the new film based on the footage that has been released thus far - but by the looks of things, Ford is all ready to deliver on the promise previously suggested by his first feature-length film production.

Nocturnal Animals seems destined to soar on the power of its impressive cast of characters and seasoned Hollywood stars. After making a name for himself with both critics and general audiences following the release of The Single Man, Ford may soon become another filmmaking giant of the 21st century - to match the likes of the very best movers and shakers currently working in the industry.

Nocturnal Animals will see theatrical release in the U.S. on November 18, 2016.

Source: Focus Features

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