No Tomorrow's Epilogue Revealed The World Didn't End

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Here's what happened in the epilogue to The CW's apocalypse comedy No Tomorrow. The series followed Evie, played by Tori Anderson (Blindspot), who meets a hunky free spirit in Xavier (Joshua Sasse). Xavier believes the world is going to end in eight months thanks to an impending asteroid, and he encourages Evie to put together an apocalyst, which is a bucket list of things she wants to achieve before the world ends. She's not sure his prediction can be trusted but she goes along with his plan regardless.

No Tomorrow was based on a Brazilian series and it was considered a fun, if lightweight, comedy show. Unfortunately, it's ratings steadily declined throughout its thirteen episode run, leading to the show being cancelled after one season in 2017. Another CW series called Frequency, which starred Riley Smith (Gallowwalkers) and was based off the Dennis Quaid movie of the same name, was also cancelled during this period.

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While the show may have only had a small fanbase, The CW was still kind enough to release a No Tomorrow epilogue to provide them with some closure. This brief video reveals the asteroid did eventually hit Earth - and the only damage it caused was hitting a farm in Kansas. The epilogue than reveals what happened to the main characters. Timothy and Hank's band enjoyed some mild success after one of their songs was featured on Supernatural season 16 - a joke that feels slightly dated now - while Hank and Deirdre had a baby after they emerged from a bunker to avoid the asteroid.

No Tomorrow Series Premiere Review

Sofia and Kareema are still together - though the latter still hasn't watched Dirty Dancing - while Xavier wrote a bestselling book called How Big Is Your Apocalyst? Evie went on to work for Doctors Without Borders and traveled the world to help those in need, though the final scene sees her and Xavier meeting again, hinting at a possible future between the pair.

The No Tomorrow epilogue was clearly put together quickly by the network, but considering fans of most cancelled TV shows never receive any form of closure, it was nice to see everything worked out for the characters on the show. That said, given the breezy tone of the series, it would have been pretty jarring if the world had been destroyed or turned into a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-style wasteland. Frequency also received a brief epilogue to give fans of that show another happy ending.

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