James Bond: 5 Reasons We're Excited For No Time To Die (& 5 Things We're Worried About)

The James Bond film franchise has been going strong since 1962. It has seen some dark periods where the films' quality dipped and its future was uncertain, but it always comes back stronger than ever. 2015's Spectre left the character in an interesting spot, and fans are clamoring to see where he goes in the upcoming No Time to Die.

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Fan interest is further piqued by the real possibility of it being Daniel Craig's last turn as the secret agent. With all the mounting excitement and mystery behind the project, now is a good time to detail five reasons to be excited for No Time to Die, and five reasons one should still be worried.

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Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig in Skyfall
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10 Worried: It'll Be Too Personal Again

Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig in Skyfall

There's nothing wrong with developing Bond as a character or making the action and conflict hit closer to home, but both Spectre and Skyfall dealt with Bond's personal life. The most recent film even gave him a close childhood connection to the villain. Not every story has to connect to him directly; sometimes it can just be a mission he does for Queen and country. Making the villain directly target Bond and his friends makes for some good drama, but it cannot be the solution every time.

9 Excited: Director

Cary Joji Fukunaga

Sam Mendes directed both Skyfall and Spectre, and people often credit him with bringing the character back into the spotlight after Quantum of Solace's lackluster reception. He opted not to come back again, but the man replacing him is just as capable of making a great film. Cary Joji Fukunaga has already made a name for himself with hard hitting dramas like Sin Nombre and Beasts of No Nation. He's also credited as a writer on It. With this already stellar resume, there's no reason to think his take on Bond will be anything less than extraordinary.

8 Worried: It'll Still Do The Bond Is Old Schtick

Both Skyfall and Spectre deal with Bond's aging. The former does it on a more personal level, while the latter deals with the idea of secret agents as a whole in the age of information and mass surveillance.

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Ignoring the fact that Craig played Bond on his first assignment in Casino Royale and then an old man during his third and fourth outings, it's distracting for each film to constantly remind the audience it is an old franchise. The movie should assert its relevance by simply being a fantastic viewing experience, and not by being a dramatic essay on why Bond is still important in the twenty-first century.

7 Excited: Returning Cast

Ralph Fiennes as M in James Bond Spectre

Skyfall was a major shakeup for the cast, introducing a new M, Q,  and Moneypenny. Spectre then established a new love interest for Bond in Madeleine Swann, played by Lea Seydoux. All of the previously mentioned actors are slated to return. Additionally, Jeffrey Wright will reprise his role as Felix Leiter, who was notably absent from the last two films. With so many returning faces, it won't seem jarring or confusing as they continue the plot in a way that hasn't been attempted since the Sean Connery films.

6 Worried: It May Be Too Serious

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfal

At its best, they are fun spy films brimming with explosions and adventure, while character development is hidden deeper within the subtext. It's not front and center in the older films, but exploring it through the more subtle moments is more rewarding. Skyfall and Spectre put the character front and center, and both have more dour tones than previous films. The new film can still explore the character and show him ways audiences have never seen before, but it can also be a fun thrill ride with more levity.

5 Excited: Rami Malek

Rami Malek in Mr Robot

Rami Malek's status in Hollywood has skyrocketed over the past two years due to his role in Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody. Now he's recognized for his talents the whole world over, and not just by fans of Michael Rappaport's short-lived sitcom, The War at Home.

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In No Time to Die he will play the villain, which will showcase a whole other side of his talents. Whatever his scheme and goals may be in the new film, he'll surely pull it off excellently.

4 Worried: Daniel Craig Is Getting Old

He's far from the oldest person to step into Bond's shoes, but the role is getting harder and harder for him to pull off with each film. This isn't simply fans' observations either; the actor has admitted the increasing difficulty in getting into shape as he becomes older.

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He also does less stunt work than in the earlier films. While his performance is still top-notch in the role, his stamina may start affecting the action sequences.

3 Excited: Daniel Craig Is The Best He's Been At Bond

Daniel Craig Spectre

Everyone has their different opinions over which of Craig's Bond films is the best, but most agree that his performance in Spectre is the best he's ever been as 007. After four films, he really made the role his own, and doesn't seem like he has any doubts as to how to portray the iconic character. It's quite an impressive feat to take the reins of a role from legends like Sean Connery and Roger Moore. With No Time to Die, there's no place to go but up.

2 Worried: Christoph Waltz May Not Return

Christoph Waltz has already played a menacing, irredeemably evil villain in the past, and his turn as Blofeld lived up to his prior turns as antagonists. While much of the cast from the twenty-fourth film is coming back, Blofeld has not been confirmed.

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In fact, all signs point to him sitting out the next movie. He was a highlight of the Spectre, so his absence in No Time to Die will be severely felt if he doesn't make an appearance.

1 Excited: Picking Up Where Spectre Left Off

Daniel Craig as James Bond and Lea Seydoux as Madeline Swann in Spectre

The idea of Bond in an arch spanning several movies hasn't been done since the series first started. It's unfortunate that the films have all been separated by three and four-year gaps, making the wait arduous for longtime fans. No Time to Die promises to continue this trend and continue from where Spectre left off. Just how it will bring Bond back into the spy world is unknown, but we're sure the producers and writers came up with some innovative way to do it. Hopefully, it doesn't involve Madeleine Swann biting the dust.

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