No Surprise: ABC's Cavemen Not Shown To Critics


Heck, Vic may have "taken one for the team," and watched the premiere episode. It's a fact that the original pilot, officially screened earlier this year for major television critics, was rated the worst new show for this season. So, ABC and the Cavemen producers re-worked it, recast some parts, and the new pilot is what you're seeing tonight. But those pesky critics didn't get a chance to see it beforehand.

Probably because it's so rotten! I happened to catch a glimpse of the unaired pilot when a friend emailed me a link to it. I couldn't get past 5 minutes of the show, ugh!

Anyway, leave a comment letting us know what you thought, if you happened to watch the new pilot tonight. If I do watch the show at some point, it could be that I really need to be reminded of how great shows like Heroes and South Park really are. Okay, that was an easy joke.

Watch at your own risk! (Maybe it'll be better than that old show, The Mullets...)

Source: Ain't It Cool News (Whom I can't believe would even THINK to give this show a chance!)

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