No Smallville Season 8 for Laura Vandervoort

Yet another series regular leaves Smallville in season 8

In the ever continuing downward spiral of Smallville and The CW network, has anyone noticed that the cast for the eighth (And final) season of Smallville does not include Laura Vandervoort who plays Kara / Supergirl?

On top of this coming to the surface at the upfronts, Vandervoort was as surprised as anyone. That's a real classy way to treat your cast. Despite the absence of her credits for next season, she believes she will probably be back for at least one or two episodes.

There are different potential backgrounds of Supergirl from the DC Universe and The CW is missing out on some interesting story twists by dissing her character, but that's what you get when you don't do your homework or fail to see the twist potentials of a character.

In the upcoming 8th season of Smallvile, Michael Rosenbaum is gone, Kristin Kreuk will only be in a few episodes, two wild card character replacements are coming on board, there's a new creative team...

In my opinion, this may be one show and one actress, but it is yet another signal that The CW has little faith in it's own resources or does not have the resources. Add this to the fact that the network has outsourced Sunday nights to Media Rights Capital to try and gain a ratings foothold of some type. With Media Rights Capital putting it's own programming in place of the shows that are there now, they've got some work cut out for them... and The CW can wipe their hands of the failure if it tanks or say what an innovative move they took in such a risk.

In case you're wondering about this lovely young woman's future:

If you're a Laura Vandervoort fan, don't worry about her budding career. She's currently filming the sequel to Into the Blue, the fine masterpiece that helped Jessica Alba move forward in her cinematic career.

Into the Blue 2 will be starring Chris Carmack as Laura's partner, Marsha Thomason (of Lost) and David Anders (from Heroes).

Vandervoort notes that this rendition will be leaning towards a suspense thriller and she happily confirms that "everyone is in bathing suits and stuff like that!" That makes it a must see on Bruce's list indeed... I'll figure some Sci-Fi angle on it to make an excuse to go see it!

Source: TV Guide

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