No Script Yet - First Bad News For Iron Man?

According to Latino Review (scroll down a bit) even though we are less than two months away from the start of shooting, there is still not a final, completed script for Iron Man. Pardon the pun, but I hope that this project isn't starting to get some chinks in it's armor.

So far I've been really jazzed about almost everything I've heard about this film. After having rented a couple of recent movies in which Robert Downey Jr. appears I'm actually thinking he'll make a great Tony Stark. I actually like that they picked an older guy instead of some 28 year old pretty boy. I also think that it's pretty hard to go wrong with Jeff Bridges and I've liked what I've seen of Terrence Howard in the past.

Then there's the concept art for the armor which I've seen (which may or may not be accurate) and the fact that Stan Winston is working on the real-world suit. Then there's the fact that a couple of the writers were contributors to Children of Men, which I hear was excellent and I need to get around to watching. And of course everything that Favreau has said so far tells me he's taking what I think is the right approach to the character and the film.

However I started getting nervous with the casting of Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, who to me, just doesn't fit the character that I've known from the comics from so long. At all.

And now we have a story coming from the usually quite reliable Latino Review stating that the script isn't completed yet... Now I realize that a kick-butt writer can crank out a script within a month or two if he locks himself in his house and brews pot after pot of coffee, but pre-production and set building should be going pretty whole-hog by now if they're getting that close to the start of shooting.

Remember, I want Iron Man to be awesome and do well, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

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