No! not Troy!

I'm totally bummed about Troy getting fired from The Apprentice by Donald Trump. Truly bummed. I wanted him to be the guy that proves the you don't need no stinking degree to make it in the business world.

Unfortunately, he kind of showed *why* you should have a degree. Wait a minute, back up the truck... didn't psycho Sam have a degree? So much for THAT logic.

Anyway, it was a risk taking Kwame into the boardroom, but IMO it was the right one, as Troy would have gotten creamed if he went up against Bill. Speaking of which, here is my prediction:

Bill is going to be "The Apprentice".

Don't forget where you read it. :-)

Also, what the hell is up with bringin Omarosa back? I can only assume that it's some sort of flashback thing and that the preview is totally misleading.

Please, God, make it so....

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