No, not another one!

Okay, everybody who thinks another one of those Chucky doll movies would be a good idea, raise your hand. Go on, raise 'em high. Anyone? Anyone? Nope, didn't think so. Well, apparently, the suits in Hollywood disagree, because Seed of Chucky is coming to a theater near you this Halloween. The trailer for this upcoming travesty is here.

Some people thought the first movie in the series, Child's Play, was actually kind of good. I suppose it was okay; it had kind of a creepy feel in parts, but overall, it was a B-movie to the core. Predictably, the sequels made the original look like Citizen Kane, although the third movie featured Justin Whalin, who would go on to achieve cinematic greatness in Dungeons and Dragons. (Read the review here.) This is now the fifth movie in the Chucky doll series. Doesn't Hollywood have any original ideas anymore? Does Jennifer Tilly really need a paycheck that badly? Let's keep an eye out for Child's Play 15: Chucky Goes to Wal-Mart. Now that is something I would pay money to see.


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