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There won't be new additions to the Arrow team in season 6. When Oliver Queen started his life as a vigilante, his plan was for it to be a solo operation. He lied to his family and friends, bought a nightclub as a cover, and constantly ducked out on his bodyguard John Diggle. But some secrets just can't be kept. Over time Dig went from being a roadblock to a partner that Ollie could trust. And when Felicity joined the team with her computer skills, the original Team Arrow was born.

And it has continued to grow. First Roy Harper joined the team as Arsenal. Then Sarah Lance as Canary, after she came back from the dead. Thea Queen and Laurel Lance both stepped up as well, becoming Speedy and Black Canary. And in season 5 the team grew bigger than it ever had before, with Curtis (Mr. Terrific), Rene (Wild Dog), Evelyn (Artemis), and Rory (Ragman) all finding their inner superhero. Finally, after Rory and Evelyn both left -- for very different reasons -- a new Canary named Dinah Drake joined up. People do periodically leave the team. They skip town, turn evil, or even die. The makeup of Team Arrow has been in a constant state of change. However, it seems like those changes may be coming to an end -- at least for awhile.

In an interview with Comicbook during Comic-Con, showrunner Marc Guggenheim stated that there will be no new members of Team Arrow for awhile, no matter how many of the current members survive the explosions on Lian Yu that ended the fifth season.

"Regardless of what the size of the team is, post-season 5, we are not looking right now to add additional people to it."

Every current member of Team Arrow was on the island when Prometheus set off the explosions, as well as a few friends and allies. While there has been confirmation of who a couple of the survivors will probably be -- including Dinah Drake and former enemy Slade Wilson -- for the most part who survives and who doesn't has been kept a closely guarded secret. The Comic-Con trailer helped keep that secret by focusing on scenes with Oliver and his son William.

It's also not entirely clear who exactly Guggenheim meant by Team Arrow when he said that it would not change much. Officially, the current team is Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Rene, Curtis, and Dinah. But does he also consider the Earth-2 Laurel Lance? She has been an enemy to the team from the start, but her Earth-1 counterpart was a member of Team Arrow for a time, so whether she qualifies is unclear. There is also Quentin Lance -- who has never been an official member of the team but has helped them numerous times. And Thea Queen, who quit the team awhile ago, though occasionally joins back up when she is needed or when there are aliens attacking. Perhaps the indication is that those who are not current members of Team Arrow are the ones most at risk.

Arrow season 6 premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

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Source: Comicbook

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