A Premature End For The Harry Potter Movies?

After the recent news that Disney has pulled out of producing the third Narnia film, we have the surprising word going around that the last installments in the Harry Potter franchise might not make their way onto the big-screen, either (don't worry - Half-Blood Prince is not included in that statement).

Now before any die hard fans of the series get up in arms it's not really a cast iron piece of news but rather something that was alluded to by Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves, who said that:

"...Warner Bros. was worried about the prospects of the last three films in the series, since J. K. Rowling is no longer driving anticipation for the titles by producing new books."

Now hold on a second - I can understand a company like Disney not wanting to bankroll another installment in the Narnia franchise since the last film didn't do anywhere near as well as had been hoped and expected. And you can even understand WB's choice not to produce the sequel to The Golden Compass, because the first one only managed to garner $70 million in the US (although luckily for WB it managed to make $300 worldwide - to make some, but not as much as expected, profit).

But I don't understand (and I'm sure I'm not alone here), how Warner Bros. could think even for the slightest of moments that a Harry Potter film wouldn't make tons of money at the box office. Whether there are new books being released or not, the remaining installments are going to do just as well as the other films... perhaps even better because they show the story drawing to a close. Harry Potter has already proven itself to be the most financially successful film franchise of all time.

I hope that Warner Bros. really comes to their senses and puts any sense of doubt about the potential box office success of the remaining Potter movies firmly to rest. WB, if you're reading this, trust us web guys when we say it: Harry Potter is safe; it will make truckloads of cash no matter what.

So what do you make of this piece of semi-news? Do you think Warner Bros. will persist with their doubts in the potential box office success of the last films in the series - or do you think they'll put worry to rest?

Source: The Independant

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