No Man's Sky Will Release June 2016

No Man's Sky, the forthcoming adventure-survival video game to be developed and published by British independent studio Hello Games, has been in various stages of production since the title initially debuted at Sony's 2014 E3 conference. In a game that has been billed to feature a deterministic, open-universe player map, with the AI equipped to facilitate free-roaming exploration of its procedurally generated planets, anticipation for the new indie gaming title has been steadily building.

Following the July 2015 release of the first 18 minutes of gameplay, players have been clamoring for the chance to take to the skies themselves and explore each planet's individually differentiated flora and fauna. Thankfully for those would-be interstellar explorers, their chance to upload collected data on unexplored alien terrain has finally been given a set release date.

According to IGN, Hello Games' new world-building simulator will release in June 2016, per an announcement made this morning at Sony's Paris Games Week press conference. The title will be made available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and will feature its own unique in-game history, a built-in player economy, and plenty of roots in other sci-fi masterpieces from which it will draw inspiration.

No Man's Sky Fighter Cockpit

From what we've seen and been told so far, Hello Games should be able to offer players willing to invest in their ambitious property an experience unlike anything that has come before. While the basic mechanics of the new title are reminiscent of such monolithic franchises as The Sims, as well as other smaller titles like Spore, it's more likely than not that this new open-world adventure will hold a little more in terms of survival mechanics than those two strategic simulators.

Based on the wealth of things to do in the new game, players can likely expect plenty of novel space exploration and intergalactic colonialism from the first major title release by the still relatively young video game publisher and distributor. Hello Games may have only one other major title to their credit as of this date, namely the side-scrolling, racing-platformer Joe Danger,  but their new game should make a bold new name for themselves, good or bad.

No Man's Sky will be available to purchase from participating retailers in the U.S. for PlayStation 4 and PC in June 2016.

Source: IGN 

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