Exploit: How To Get Fast Unlimited Units in No Man's Sky

Arguably the most anticipated game of the year, and certainly the most popular launch of any new console/PC release of 2016, No Man's Sky is finally playable on PlayStation 4 and PC. The ambitious, galaxy-spanning exploration game released on PS4 on Tuesday before hitting PC on Friday where more than 200 players attempted to play the game at the same time, setting a new record.

With the size of the game and its debatably rushed release - and the larger-than-expected player base - there are all sorts of errors that developer Hello Games is working though. Servers haven't been able to remain stable, some PC players are having issues getting the game to work, and for me, I've not had a session on PS4 yet that hasn't crashed. The flip side of the bugs is that there's one big one that actually favors players. Here's how to use one easy glitch to duplicate items in No Man's Sky for an unlimited source of units and... well, anything in a player's Exosuit inventory.

Note: this method is a way of cheating the current game design's save system into duplication a player's inventory. It's a cheat, or a more efficient way of grinding/farming items depending on your perspective.

1. Find A Planetary Trade Terminal

No Mans Sky - Galactic Trade Terminal

On any given planet, find and land at an outpost where there's  trade terminal (look for ones with a single landing pad which usually has an alien and trade terminal inside). Secondarily, look for one where the entrance to the structure is close to the save waypoint beacon - you'll be going back and forth a lot.

2. Choose What to Duplicate

No Mans Sky - Atlas Stones

Determine what valuables you plan on duplicating, whether they be more rare minerals for crafting, items of high value for sale, or warp cells for travel. Tip for unlimited quick cash: Find what item has the highest value for one inventory slot and focus on just that (i.e. in my example, I'm using the important Atlas Stones). After duplicating a few times you'll want to just keep one of each thing you need backed up on your starship, and clean your inventory to hold just the one thing you want to repeatedly duplicate.

3. Save

No Mans Sky - Save Waypoint

Once your Exosuit inventory is storing exactly what you wish to duplicate, head to the save beacon and save.

4. Die

No Mans Sky - Death

Yeap, it's time to bite the bullet and regenerate. Don't worry though, you just saved. Draw the attention of  a Sentinel, provoke it, and stand somewhere close to the trade terminal and save point and let them take you out.

5. Load 'Previous'

No Mans Sky - Reload Previous Save

After seeing a nifty famous quote on a black screen, you'll "regenerate" back into the game and your grave stone will be right near you holding all the inventory you dropped from dying. Ignore it, click options and under 'SAVE GAME DATA' choose 'Reload previous' (note: do not choose 'Reload current' since that's after you died). It'll take a few seconds to load but when it does, you'll be right back where you saved before dying, with your inventory ready to be duplicated but the grave stone which is also carrying that same inventory will still be there. That's the glitch. Even though you loaded to before you died so you still have your inventory, the system still keeps your post-death grave and loot there effectively duplicating your inventory.

6. Reap the Rewards

No Mans Sky - Grave

Pick up your dropped (but not really) inventory from the grave stone and head into the base to the terminal to sell, but be sure to not sell everything because you'll want to repeat the glitch to keep that money train rolling.

7. Repeat

To "power level" your bank account (units), keep exactly half of your inventory space full of the most valuable item. In my example, I started with two Atlas Stones, so after duplicating them to four, and then to eight, etc. I eventually had 14 of my 28 available slots full of Atlas Stones for the glitch, and sold 14 every time for nearly a million units on every reload. I "earned" 20 million units in an hour while writing this article and it was more fun than mining and hauling gold back and forth repeatedly. Same result, but this is more effective.

No Man's Sky is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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