No Man's Sky Gets A Story & Multiplayer A Year After Release

Contentious video game No Man's Sky finally receives multiplayer functionality a year after its release. Formally announced by Sony in 2014 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that year, the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows offering looked to be the video game everybody would be talking about upon its eventual release in August, 2016. When it did drop however, promised features were missing, gameplay failed to light a fire in the bellies of those behind the controller and within just a few weeks, any excitement surrounding the title had completely dissipated.

Developed by a small team at Hello Games, the exploration and survival game saw players thrust into an infinite procedurally generated galaxy, which featured 18 quintillion planets, all of which the gamer could go to and explore. While players were promised ahead of release that they may bump into other players during their trip across the galaxy, creators made sure to tell them that this possibility was a miniscule one because of the scale of what was on offer. That later turned out to be a false promise, as not a shred of the game took place in an online community with other players.

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Now though, with an update titled ‘Atlas Rises’, those who have worked on making No Man’s Sky a success are hoping to bring players right back into the action with the biggest addition to-date.

No Man's Sky Multiplayer

Detailed in the video above, players will now be able to sift through a 30+ hour central storyline, as well as buddy up with friends and enjoy what the galaxy has to offer in a joint exploration multiplayer mode. A new mission system, system economies, portals and improvements to trade have also been brought to the game. To be fair to creators, it’s a lot of what those who have stuck with No Man’s Sky have been asking for over the past 12 months.

It’s certainly exciting to hear that players may now finally get the experience with No Man’s Sky that they were hoping for upon its initial release, but this could be a case of too little, too late for Hello Games. Many have already given up on the title, and so will be unwilling to give it another chance.

For those that do however, could the reputation this game has be flipped on its head? The proof will be in the pudding; if people start running back to No Man’s Sky, we can be sure we’ll hear it from creators when multiplayer figures start rolling in. It’s certainly piqued our interest. This is one worth keeping an eye on.

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Source: Hello Games

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