No Man's Sky For Nintendo Switch? Hello Games Is Interested In It

Developer Hello Games is interested in bringing their procedural action-adventure survival title No Man's Sky to the Nintendo Switch. The game had a bit of a rocky launch back when it released on PC and as a timed console-exclusive on PS4 in 2016. Since then, Hello Games has released some meaningful updates to the game that have totally changed the consensus surrounding it. In their latest update, No Man's Sky Beyond, Hello Games has included increased multiplayer support for up to 16-32 players depending on the platform, PS VR support, and some other fan-requested features.

No Man's Sky presents players with an expansive open-world universe that's unlike anything on the market right now. Initially, the game launched and was missing many things that were present in the game's reveal trailer as well as trailers leading up to release. At the time, many players abandoned the title, but Hello Games persevered and added so much new content to the game that made it more akin to what players originally expected at launch. Better yet, all of these updates have come to the game free of charge.

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In an article from Game Informer, Hello Games founder Sean Murray commented on the potential of a Nintendo Switch port. While oftentimes games can appear to be too complex or visually intensive for the Switch hardware, ports like The Witcher 3, for example, prove that the Switch has more power than meets the eye. No Man's Sky is a very lax game despite its incredibly large scope, making it a great game for those that might want to play in bed or on a commute. Murray's comments don't confirm that a Nintendo Switch port is in the works but the team is definitely interested in looking into it.

"I love the Switch. We're obviously very focused on what we're doing right now, but we have done a lot of work for PSVR to optimize the game. So I'd be interested to see what's possible. But at the moment, we're just very focused on what we're doing right now."

Based on Murray's comments, it seems like the development team is focused on continuing to refine the title on all of its available platforms. Hello Games is a very small team, they're working on No Man's Sky as well as a new adventure title called The Last Campfire that was announced in 2018. With all of that in mind, it seems unlikely that the team would have the resources to put the meaningful focus required to create a great Nintendo Switch port. However, they could always just partner with another company to get the game going on Switch.

It would definitely be cool to see No Man's Sky make its way onto the Nintendo Switch. The Switch has proved to be a great place for indie developers to shine, No Man's Sky would undoubtedly be a welcomed addition to the console's third-party offerings. For now, fans will have to simply imagine what Hello Game's space epic could be like on Nintendo's handheld-console hybrid. At least players can experience it in VR though.

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Source: Game Informer


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