No Man's Sky: 20 Minutes of Revealing Gameplay Footage

No Man's Sky alien race in Sean Murray gameplay preview

Gamers eager for No Man's Sky are getting more and more excited about the possibilities of the open-universe space exploration game, especially as its June release date draws closer. There's a lot of interest in specific details about how different parts of the game work, of course, and a desire for more beautiful gameplay footage in general and today fans are in luck.

A new video features Sean Murray, No Man's Sky lead programmer and founder of Hello Games, showcasing more of the game's features than ever revealed before before. The 20-minute gameplay clip focuses on action on a single planet, providing an in-depth look at what playing the game is actually like.

The video, which was created for IGN First, sees Murray explain the basics of playing No Man's Sky while attempting to survive on an unexplored planet. The planet he starts on features an extreme cold environment, which actually starts to damage his character when he spends too much time out in the open air. Players must find shelter in a cave to allow thermal protection to regenerate, and here Murray crafts a weapon modification on the fly that allows him to tunnel through a cliff face to find a cave network.

No Man's Sky alien race in Sean Murray gameplay preview

Murray's gameplay demonstration also shows him meeting an alien at a base on the planet, showing off the creature's unique language when he attempts to communicate. He explains how different races have different cultures and temperaments, and cautions against being a "space dick" to the aliens as IGN Senior Editor Ryan McCaffery suggested. He also shows off how players can break in to secure areas to acquire new crafting recipes if they aren't able to get in any other way, which is promptly followed by him being slaughtered by robotic sentinels that appeared once he upset the balance of the world.

Of course, no space exploration game would be complete without the option to head into space as well. Even though Murray only scratched the surface of the world he was exploring, he summoned his ship and traveled into space to give players an idea of what else they could do. He attacked another ship which will hurt his relationship with that particular race, but uses this example to demonstrate how the navigation systems work in the game, shifting between space flight and a galactic map that shows the millions of stars (and solar systems) in the universe. The size of the game universe is so large that he estimates that as much as 99% of the possible planets in the universe will never be visited.

IGN promises more peeks at No Man's Sky as the month goes by, so there will likely be more specifics of the game revealed soon. Murray really delivered with this video, addressing many of the questions and concerns raised by curious fans-to-be. After a large amount of videos simply showing off randomly generated creatures or locales, it's great to see a video that actually shows what it's like to play the game and some of the varied things that you can do while exploring.

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No Man's Sky releases June 21, 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: IGN

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