No Man's Sky Has Finally Gone Gold

No Man's Sky - alien landscape

No Man's Sky has become something of a legend since it was first revealed at Spike TV's VGX in late 2013. Created by Hello Games, the tiny development team behind Joe Danger, No Man's Sky stole the show, boasting a completely unique experience. Ripe for exploration, a seemingly infinite shared universe would unfold before gamers. Procedural generation of environments, creatures, and even available equipment would ensure that every element in the universe was truly unique. Every gun, alien, and planet looks, acts, and functions differently from every other - an unheard of concept in gaming, open world or otherwise.

Naturally, No Man's Sky immediately skyrocketed onto many gamers' Must Play lists. Much to the chagrin of eager players, the already long-in-development No Man's Sky was recently delayed from its original release date of June 21 to August 9. Following confirmation, Hello Games founder Sean Murray even revealed that he had received death threats due to the delay. In other words... fans have been particularly passionate to hear the announcement that has finally come.

Murray has now taken to Twitter to reveal a much happier development: No Man's Sky has gone gold, and the members of Hello Games couldn't be any happier.

It's happened. No Man's Sky just went gold. I'm so incredibly proud of this tiny team. 4 years of emotions

— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) July 7, 2016

With only a thirteen person development team, the completion of such an ambitious project is quite the accomplishment. Death threats notwithstanding, Hello Games and their fans can rest easy knowing that No Man's Sky is no longer just a possibility. It's been certified as a complete and finished game and is ready for production. The dream is now a reality.

It's difficult to know at this point how gamers will respond to the final product, but some gameplay videos have given us a much better idea of what to expect a play session to look like. Players can act as explorers, combatants, traders, scavengers, miners, or any combination they find the most interesting. The lore of the universe hasn't been revealed, and unearthing it seems to be one of the primary drives behind exploration. The game has no end, though it has been suggested that the major initial goal will be for players to find their way to the center of the galaxy.

Is it even possible that No Man's Sky will live up to the impossible hype surrounding it? What excites or concerns you most about the possibilities the game offers? Let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to Screen Rant for impressions and further developments during the game's launch.

No Man's Sky releases on the PS4 and PC on August 9, 2016.

Source: Sean Murray

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